Weston Precision Audio B2 & AD110, New DIY Analog Drum Voices For Eurorack

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Weston Precision Audio B2 & AD110 are two new feature-rich analog drum voices, one for kick/bass & for Boss DR110 sounds for Eurorack

ModularGrid, the encyclopedia for Eurorack modules and pedals, currently lists over 10,000 modules. More are added every day. Some catch the eye, others less so. Weston Precision Audio’s modules are very pretty and appealing to me. I will probably not have any of these modules in the rack for the time being, as these are mainly only available as a DIY kit.

And the soldering iron and my hands haven’t become friends yet. Nonetheless, Weston Precision Audio has two new exciting modules in its range, two that specialize in drum sounds.

Weston Precision Audio B2 Kick Drum/Bass

Weston Precision Audio B2 Kick Drum/Bass

B2 is a DIY-friendy analog kick drum/bass Synthesizer voice module for Eurorack. The core uses a single 1v/oct VCO with 4 waveforms with a 3-way waveform mixer with a sub-octave sine wave that adds depth to your sounds.

Then it features a multi-mode VCF (LP/BP/HP) for additional tone shaping. On the modulation side, you have two fast, switchable AR/AD envelope generators with minimum attack times (~25uS) without artifacts and a high-quality VCA.

Weston Precision Audio AD110 Analog Drums

The AD110 is another new analog drum voice module. More precisely, it has 6 analog drum voices that are inspired by the Boss DR110 in one 16HP module. The module includes kick drum, snare, hand clap, closed hi-hat, open hi-hat, and ride cymbal. The module has individual outputs and a mix out with an accent input. There are also additional parameters that go beyond the classic DR110 sound.

The Kick offers pitch/resonance control, snare pitch/decay cymbal decay, and clap spread and reverb.

Both modules look very exciting and sound very promising. The interfaces with the yellow look and big knobs appeal to me a lot.

Weston Precision Audio B2 & AD110 will be available soon as DIY projects. No price information yet.

More information here: Weston Precision Audio

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