Synth Anatomy is a music technology website based in Vienna which has its focus mainly on hardware and software which are strongly related to electronic music production. Founded in 2014, in the form of the SYNTH ANATOMY YouTube Channel that had the focus mainly on hardware and software sound demos. Since I wanted to tell the people not only in video form but also daily in the written about all the news in hardware, software (plugins,…) and iOS, the official SYNTH ANATOMY news page was created in 2015.

How did the idea for SYNTH ANATOMY develop?

Personal reason: I have been living in Vienna for several years and I often meet with other music lovers. Since most musicians from my environment are on the hardware side and work less with software, I was rather the geek when I talked about the newest computer based releases. In order to share my hybrid passion of hardware and software to far more musicians, I created in 2015, the news page SYNTH ANATOMY. Day after day, I will enter in the music production jungle and will try to summarize all important and interesting on this page.

Sound reason: Often I had the problem with new releases that there were no good and long demo’s available where you can make a closer look over the sound character. There are many presentations of products available on YouTube where is more spoken than played sounds. My biggest aim on the SYNTH ANATOMY YouTube channel is to give the musicians a broad and diverse sound overview of various hardware as well as software instruments and effects.

What awaits you as a regular SYNTH ANATOMY visitor?

  • Daily news from the world of music production (Hardware, Software, iOS, Android)
  • Exciting topics about synthesizers, drum machines and more.
  • In depth Hardware and Software reviews
  • Daily Hardware and Software deals
  • Interviews with artists
  • Worldwide coverage of Synthesizer events in photo, text and video.
  • Giveways
  • and many more