Superbooth 23: Befaco Motion MTR, clever utility goes 1U

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Superbooth 23: Befaco has turned Molten Music Technology’s clever utility and visualization module Motion MTR, into a 1U module.

Last year in November, Befaco released the Molten Motion Meter in collaboration with Robin Vincent from the YouTube channel Molten Music Technology. This is a utility with fancy visualization of the signals.

1U is currently a trend in the Eurorack world, so it is a logical step that the module will also come in this compact format. At Superbooth 23, Befaco and Robin will show the 1U version of the Motion MTR

Molten Motion Meter 1U Superbooth 23

Befaco Molten MTR 1U

The Molten Motion Meter 1U is a multi-visualization tool with clever extras. Unlike the 3U version, the new 1U version features four channels, each with a dedicated attenuator. Both audio or CV can be visualized with the module. So it can be a CV meter or a VU meter per channel.

The visualization placed like a wreath around each knob is particularly eye-catching. So simple and clever. But the Molten Motion Meter is more than just a color game.

Befaco created an intelligent circuit that offers a normalization with which you can unlock different functionalities. Including a mixer, attenuverter with offset, or other utility tasks. There is a 10v normalization in the module allowing you to use it to generate a fixed voltage.

Then, you get at the sums at the outputs into the output 4 making it possible to use it as a mixer. Thus, the module can be an attenuverter with offset, a VU meter, or a combination. Each channel has a switch allowing you to set the function: either audio, CV attenuation or CV inverter


Great to see that the Motion MTR will be available soon as a 1U.

Befaco Motion MTR 1U will be available in end of June as an assembled module (165€) and semi-soldered kit (130€).

More information here: Befaco 

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