Error Instruments Cabinet of Curiosities & Cabinet of Dreams, new full modular synth systems

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Error Instruments Cabinet of Curiosities and Cabinet of Dreams are new full modular synth systems for experimental sound design deep dives.

I’ve often written about Error Instruments releases. The largest part was Eurorack modules. I like the products because they have radically different and often crazy ideas than those of other synthesizer manufacturers.

In order to get sound, you must rack them into a system and use them as a Synthesizer voice. If this is too complex and time-consuming for you and you prefer a complete, ready-made system, Error Instruments now has two exciting wild complete systems.  As if a Doepfer A-100 system is stuck in a sound madhouse

Error Instruments Cabinet of Curiosities

Please welcome the new Cabinet of Curiosities and the Cabinet of Dreams. Two full Error Instruments systems packed with experimental modules.

Error Instruments Cabinet of Curiosities

According to Paul Tas, the Cabinet of Curiosities, aka System 4 is designed to help you explore and discover new sounds. It gives you a unique combination of noisy and crunchy tones that harmonizes with experimental setups.

It features the following modules:

  • Broken tape tracker (gold)
  • Lucifer VCO/Drum
  • Lolitas Dance drum trigger sequencer
  • Raw Spring
  • Error Drum
  • Balarina
  • Clockwork Orange
  • White Rabbit
  • Soundscaper
  • Vactrol Mixer
  • Banana to Euro
  • Indian Resonator
  • Tropical Noise Neo
  • Imaginary Friend oscillator
  • Cloudbusting Orgone Drum
  • Tassel precision ASMR tuner

There is no standard module installed. Everything is super experimental and crazy. In the linked video you can listen to where the sound journey is going.

Error Instruments Cabinet of Dreams

The second full system is called Cabinet of Dreams aka System 5. Paul Tas also says here that it’s designed to help you explore and discover new sounds using a unique combination of noise and crunchy tones.

Error Instruments Cabinet Of Dreams

The configuration is almost the same only you get here the Tele Blender module instead of the modular Balarina module.

Each modular also comes with 20 patch cables, a flying attenuator, and a power supply. All modules sit here in a beautiful handcrafted wooden case.

First Impression

Two beautiful full systems with which you can discover the wild and crazy sound world of Error Instruments. That without detours

Error Instruments Cabinet of Curiosities & Cabinet of Dreams are available now in limited quantities for 3200€ each.

More information here: Error Instruments

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