Gleetchlab2021, Modular DAW For Glitch & Experimental Music

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Gleetchlab2021 is the latest version of Giorgio Sancristoforo’s unique DAW for glitch and experimental music expanded with tons of new sound mangling tools. 

Experimental music software has the advantage that it often looks far beyond classical music production. It offers the musician possibilities that are difficult or impossible to achieve with other software. Here, the designs or the available tools alone are often responsible for this. Inear Display, Glitchmachines, or Giorgio Sancristoforo, for example, are well-known manufacturers who always give their software an experimental spirit.

Giorgio is probably one of the most advanced when it comes to experimental sound tools. Today Giogio Sancristoforo presented the new version of its experimental DAW called Gleetchlab2021 which has a lot of fans out there.



Gleetlab2021 is a modular performance DAW dedicated to glitch and experimental music. Instead of a linear workflow like in Logic Pro, Cubase … you work here with six advanced loop players/recorders. They use a buffer in the RAM to store a sound. They have classic looper functions but also deeper ones like random loop points or automation of these. So you can use many elements from a loop at the same time without occupying multiple loop slots.


Then, the audio routing is fully modular and patchable in a VCS-3 like virtual pin matrix. Should Looper 3 come before Looper 1, or should only Looper 2 be in the effects, no problem for Gleetchlab2021. Here, you are not limited to one signal path. The same applies to the six loopers. The software allows external signals to be routed into the Gleetchlab2021 audio veins. So you can process and re-process live and recorded sounds endlessly.

Gleetchlab2021 has a 10-channel mixer with 4 bux mixer with which the individual internal and external streams can join together. It works in mono, stereo but also in quadraphonic or octophonic with additional speaker placement. That’s a powerful feature, especially for live artists. Further, it also features 2 VST FX slots for every channel and bus where you load VST plugin into the signal chain. Great for adding further effects to them or simply to finalize signals.

Creative Effects

In addition to the ability to load effects VSTs, Gleetchlab2021 also has a number of built-in effects. And as it should be, these are not the bread and butter effects that you know from every DAW. From simple filter, saturator, granulator to crazy spectral processors. Friends of experimental sound processors will get their money’s worth here.

  • grainy, a new version of Michele Tadini’s T-Grain granulator
  • harmony, a multiple pitch-shifter with delay
  • dual spectral delay in stereo with 16 bands
  • spectral beauty, a 256 spectral EQ with an internal random automation clock
  • lazy DJ, sort of crazy auto-mixing processor
  • same modal engine from Substania physical modeling Synthesizer
  • spectral processor, a fully-programmable 16-channels vocoder inspired by the iconic Buchla 296 module.
  • fluffy clouds records sound into a buffer and multiplies it for n times (voices)
  • muug filter, a 24db/oct Moog-style transistor ladder filter
  • echogeek, a delay inspired by the famous Binson Echorec.
  • super looper, a stompbox style overdubbing looper with 60 seconds of buffer
  • electronic dysphemia, a stutter effect that can be automated with random values
  • ….

Gleetchlab2021 offers a lot, a lot that is not known from classic DAWs such as Cubase, Logic Pro … Giorgio’s software invites the user on an experimental sound journey. Workflows that you learned from YouTube tutorials are not important here. This is about trying things out, experimenting with signals, and discovering what is possible with audio.

And best of all, all this experimental fun costs only € 20. It’s a bargain in my opinion, not only for experimental musicians. It is available now as a standalone version for macOS. A Windows version will be available next week. Customers who bought GleetchlabX in 2021 can obtain a free license by emailing their Paypal Transaction Number.

More information here: Giorgio Sancristoforo

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