Recosynth Recodrum, Boutique Analog Drum Machine By Arthur Joly

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Arthur Joly aka Recosynth, a Brazilian manufacturer has today presented Recodrum, a hand-built, analog drum machine with a lot charm.

Big synthesizer developer players like to use plastic for the case. Korg already shows last year with the Wavestate, OPSIX … real plastic bombers. The disadvantage of these designs is that they look less solid and are very light.

The absolute opposite shows the Brazilian boutique manufacturer Arthur Joly aka Recosynth with its new Recodrum drum machine. It is an analog instrument inside a wood enclosure made with great attention to detail.

Recosynth Recodrum Arthur Joly

Recosynth Recodrum

Recodrum is a drum machine that relies on an analog percussive Synthesizer with eight drum channels. It includes hi-hat, kick snare, clap, hi perc, lo perc, and stick. Each drum voice has classic controls. Decay on the hi-hat, separate level controls for open & closed, tuning & turning for the kick, grit & filtering on the snare, and tone & decay on the reset. Then, you can operate these with classy Moog-style knobs

The bottom section features a 16-step pattern sequencer with eye-catching orange buttons and mechanical mute switches. It can save patterns for recall on-the-fly, turning them on or program in steps live. So very classic and well-known sequencer functionalities. Further, you have pattern saving and a complete MIDI and clock in/out implementation.

All in all, a lovely-looking drum machine. You can see that someone has put a lot of hard work into the instrument. The wood makes the whole instrument look very solid.

There is a waiting list for the Recosynth Recodrum drum machine. It takes a few weeks to build to order and they can build about 6 units a month. Recodrum costs around 8000 Brazillian Real (£1,000+) plus shipping and import taxes. You can pre-order it in a black or green finish. The latter is probably the most noticeable.

More information here: Recosynth 

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