Expert Sleepers Released Disting Mk4 Firmware Update 4.9 With Stereo Compressor & More!

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Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 newest firmware update 4.9 features brand new compressors (stereo, side-chain, mono), logic algorithm & more!

The Expert Sleepers Disting mk4 is not a normal Eurorack module but a kind of Swiss knife with many functions. It can be a lot in a small rack space VCO, sample player, multipler, sample & hold, delay, filter & much more. The developer are now back with a new firmware update that brings again new functionalities to the module.

The new firmware update 4.9 features different compressors (stereo, side-chain, mono), logic algorithm, selectable out waveforms for the VCO and more. A really interesting and innovativ module in my opinion that offers modular users a lot of option in a 4HP module.

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 Firmware Update 4.9


The disting is a many-in-1 multifunction module, offering a variety of CV and audio processes, including a selection of oscillators (LFOs/VCOs). All algorithms have two high-precision inputs and outputs, and a third control input, exposed on a front panel knob and a CV input.

The disting is also a sample (WAV) file and MIDI file player, with a variety of options for sample triggering, playback speed etc

New In Disting Mk4 Firmware Update 4.9

  • Added the Logic algorithm.
  • Added the Stereo Compressor, Side-chain Compressor and Mono Compressor algorithms.
  • Added selectable output waveforms (including a sub-octave square wave) to the VCO with linear FM & VCO with waveshaping algorithms.
  • Added the option for output B of the Wavetable VCO algorithm to be an octave or detuned version of the main output.
  • Added control over the envelope shapes for the AR Envelope & Clockable AD Envelope algorithms.
  • Added the ability to attenuate the Y CV input of the Quantizer 2 algorithm.
  • Added an additional Sum Mode to the Precision Adder algorithm.
  • Increased the output level of the Waveform Animator algorithm by 6dB.
  • Added the ‘WAV sample rate’ setting, offering the option to run the Audio Playback algorithms at a lower sample rate, reducing pressure on the SD card’s speed.
  • In the Dual Audio Playback algorithms, non-looping samples no longer play once when first selected; they only play when triggered.
  • Added support for the new form of the Select Bus save state message implemented by the Make Noise René 2.
  • The Sample and Hold algorithm now has a parameter for the colour of its internal noise generator.
  • Added new options to the Crossfade/Pan algorithm facilitating its use as an external effect loop processor.
  • The MIDI File Playback algorithms now support using both outputs as triggers.

Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4 firmware update 4.9 is available now as a free download.

Available here: Expert Sleepers Disting Mk4

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