Blinksonic Cataliz For Reaktor 6: Granular Synthesis Meets Beat Looping

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Blinksonic has released Cataliz, a new sound design oriented virtual instrument for Reaktor 6.2 (full version) that combines a granular and beat looper engine in one new ensemble. Both engines offer classic sample manipulation parameters like density for the granular or slice size for the beat looper.

Additionally, it comes with a resochord for more acoustic sounding sounds and a filter bank with modal synthesis capabilities. In terms of features, it is a very interesting new granular and powerful ensemble for Reaktor 6.2. For whom and for which sounds this instrument is good, we need to find it out in closer tests.

Blinksonic Cataliz


Splice and dice over samples! Slide the cursor over the pad and travel/scan inside the waveform’s micro formants or even jump over different slices… Cataliz offers a refreshed approach to produce playable harmonics and beats or creative sound design, giving birth to unusual textures and never heard sounds patterns. 

Enhance the granular stream with modal filter and a resochord for a more physical acoustic rendering of the sound. Less crunchy, totally spectral. Skip from 5 different samples on each incoming gate event with the random and forward mode in order to push morphing effects between sounds on your preset parameters. 

A perfect device for sound designers, composers, and music producers that comes with 1.84 GB of sounds form of all kind (pads, beats, slices, noises, voices, field recordings…) distributed in 9 banks. An impressive collection of 500 presets which explore the various instrument scope (drones, atmos, cinematic soundscapes, SFX, whooshes, timbres, and even rhythmics).


  • 2 sample engines (Grain Cloud and Beat Looper) based on Table Framework.
  • Granular engine with control of the position, density, length, pitch, reverse mode, ADSR envelope, 4 jitters modulation.
  • Beatlooper engine with control of the position, length, transpose, offset, slice size, warp speed
  • XY pad controller with inertia level to control the velocity of the cursor movement and note generator on click
  • Notes and modulations recorder on 64 steps (self sequenced instrument)
  • 9 banks with up to 99 sounds (1,3 GB of sounds) + 1 user bank.
  • Drop your own samples.
  • 6 sample selectors – 1 for the current selection + 5 additionals that work in RND and FFW modes ( sample changes according the selection on each incoming gate events)
  • Resochord with 20 switchable presets, pitch/fine tuning and feedback commands. Chords pitch can also be controlled by midi.
  • Space reverb with 6 types (Small Room to Endless)
  • Stereo/Binaural/Doppler effect with XY pad to control the imaging + inertia level and position recorder
  • Filter bank (Modal synthesis) with LFO + frequency control via keyboard
  • Pump Compressor and Brickwall Limiter

Blinksonic Cataliz is available now for an intro price of 69€ (regular 89€) and is compatible with Reaktor 6.2 full version. Not compatible with Reaktor 6 Player.

More information here: Blinksonic 

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