Superbooth 23: Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab, budget-friendly granular Synthesizer

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Superbooth 23: Sonicware expands its LIVEN lineup with a journey into granular synthesis with its new Texture Lab Synthesizer/sampler.

Did I already say that the Granular Booth is taking place in Berlin? As many granular synthesizers/samplers as never before are presented.

And there’s another new granular synth on the Superbooth 23. The Japanese company Sonicware announced the LIVEN Texture Lab. It’s a new granular Synthesizer for on-the-go. It’s a pity that the developers aren’t in Berlin. The German distribution represents them.

Sonicware Liven Texture Lab Superbooth 23

Sonicware LIVEN Texture Lab

The LIVEN synthesizers and groove boxes are characterized by a very good price-performance ratio. They offer many features, a lot of flexibility and all for a very good price. The new granular synth is no different.

Unlike the other LIVEN products, the Texture Lab goes more in the direction of a synth than a groovebox. It’s a 4-voice polyphonic synth and can record 32 samples of up to 6 seconds at 16/32kHz mono. Yeah, no stereo samples but it can resample internally. That’s cool. There is also a 128-step sequencer for recording note data and parameters. So it’s also a motion recorder. This can be done in both real and step time.

The engine also hosts a filter, effects like a shimmer reverb, and more

Sonicware Liven Texture Lab Superbooth 23


It also includes a built-in speaker and runs on batteries. So it’s a mobile granular synth for the on-the-go.

First Impression

The LIVEN Texture Lab strikes me as a very interesting granular synth. Which appeals to me a lot from the features but also from the sound. A lot is offered for the asking price. Okay, no stereo samples but still an interesting release.

Sonicware Texture Lab is available now for pre-order for $239/319€. Shipping starts in begin of June from retailers. You can visit them at booth W317 at Superbooth 23.

More information here: Sonicware 

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