Polyend Shares New Tracker Teaser: Sampler/Looper, Wavetable, Granular & More

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The new Polyend Tracker Teaser shows the device in action for the first time including features such as granular & wavetable synthesis, sampler, looper …

Polyend has today published another teaser of the upcoming Tracker audio workstation, which shows the device in action for the first time. This new video confirms that it is a tracker that is inspired by the previous computers (Amiga, Commodore 64..) or software (Renoise).

The video revealed that you can create tracks with 4 or 8 track lines. It is not known whether more can be made. Hopefully yes.

The interface shows that you have colored buttons for note, instrument, FX1, and FX2 but also for play, copy/paste, insert/home, backspace/delete, rec, shift and file buttons. All of this is very reminiscent of a computer keyboard.


If you take a closer look at the teaser and you concentrate on the display, you can clearly see the different instrument options.

Polyend Tracker granular

The first area shows five functions that are closely related to the built-in sampler: 1-shot, forward loop, backward loop, ping-pong loop, and slice. These features allow the musician to create individual slices of a big sample and transform it so that it fits into their tracks.

More exciting are the last two functions. First, there will be a wavetable engine. It is not said whether you can turn your samples into wavetables or use classic waves to create wavetables. But you can see a waveform display in the trailer that teases this function including parameters for position and window. Wavetables make sense here because with this synthesis you can quickly design such retro-style (8-bit) sounds that fits of course to this device

On the other hand, Polyend Tracker will feature a built-in granular engine ins that will make me very happy. As you can take from the teaser, you can manipulate samples using granular synthesis. Very exciting.

We already know from the leak that it will be a tracker-based audio workstation with different sound engines (Synthesizer, sampler, FM) but also that it can be powered by an external battery.

The full release including all details, features, and price will be revealed on Wednesday 18 March 2020. So stay tuned.

More information here: Polyend

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  1. It looks like it has quite a bit in common with Gotharman’s Little Deformer 3 … a good act to follow …

  2. i was excited about it but seeing this latest video, i can do everything on my ipad. sunvox for sequencing [or the many other amazing sequencers] audio unit plugins for synths/drums/effects, a simple daw for mixing everything in… only problem is carrying an audio interface to send midi out to hardware synths and record audio back in. but i dont do live gigs so thats not an issue for me, maybe for others.

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