W.A Production Released Ascension Multi-Engine Synthesizer Plugin For PC & Mac (80% OFF Intro)

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W.A Production has today released Ascension, a new Synthesizer plugin for PC & Mac that is described as “ultra-powerful dance music workstation”.  It features a versatile four oscillator multi-engine that includes subtractive, wavetable, ROM-based and FM synthesis. The oscillator section allows you to draw your own waveforms and to load ROM sounds from a 10GB factory library.

The synthesis part is supported by 6 envelopes (amp & filter and 4 mod), 2 LFO’s and a wide range of effects (chorus, delay, reverb…). For the current price (80% OFF) certainly an interesting new synthesizer plugin with a flexible engine that allows a lot of sounds.

W.A Production Ascension

We are proud to announce our new partnership with Cubic Audio to release an exclusive edition of the plugin Ascension. Our exclusive release will include expansion with over 130 presets, 60 midi loops, and over 440 MB of ROM. DMS Ascension is our ultra-powerful dance music workstation. It’s a cutting-edge synth, a huge ROM sound library and a vast collection of tried-and-tested track-ready royalty-free MIDI files in one glorious package. It’s everything you need and more!

Four multi-select oscillators combine subtractive, wavetable and ROM-based synthesis options, as well as FM capability. Why choose between a high-end synth and a ROMpler when you can have both at a hilariously low price? The ROM section includes an astonishing number of varied samples, including a 10 GB library of soaring pads, searing synths, fat basses, shining dance pianos and ethereal choirs that are aimed straight at the dance floor.

W.A Production Ascension

Combine these lush, layered sounds with your own gnarly hand-drawn custom wavetables, FM weirdness, fat detuned subtractive tones or anything else you can summon from the powerful editing and modulation options. You’ve got both immediate, playable sounds and maximum creative flexibility. Drag-and-drop MIDI pattern playback is included, as well an arpeggiator and a vast royalty free library of track-ready MIDI loops from the dancemidisamples.com archives.

Draw your own unique waveforms for oscillators and LFO patterns! Shape your sound with 8 modulation sources and 4 extra mod envelopes, allowing you complete control over all four oscillators.

W.A Production is available now for VST/VST3/AU plugin formats for an introductory price of $19 USD until June 3rd, 2019 (regular $99 USD).

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