Albedo, Sinevibes’ Endless Granular Cloud Reverb Is Now A MacOS Plugin

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Sinevibes Albedo is a granular reverb that takes your sounds to an endless, fluffy cloud, and never lets go of it. Now also as a macOS plugin.

I don’t need to tell you much about Sinevibes. All macOS users know the quality and versatility of these inexpensive plugins. In the meantime, this also applies to Korg logue owners who can benefit from this innovative algorithms as well. One of them is now available as a macOS plug-in, so it’s a reverse development. In the first place for the hardware platform, now as plugin. And it is probably the most beautiful effect that Artemiy Pavlov has developed for the Korg range, Albedo.

Albedo is a granular cloud reverb that is capable of creating rich, dense reverbs that your synthesizers float.

Sinevibes Albedo

Sinevibes Albedo Plugin

Albedo is based on a algorithm that constantly records incoming audio into a buffer where at the same time runs a granular processor. More precisely, it can run up to 64 individual looping playheads simultaneously and scatter them within the buffer. Grains have their own random size and positition. All this form a lush “cloud of sound” effect. Thanks to dual envelope generators per grain, playback speed has continuous adjustment with perfectly smooth transitions between forward and reverse directionsl. With this, you can not only create big reverbs but also tape machine, turntable-like audio manipulations.

The plugin is so deep and versatile that it can do a lot more than cloudy reverbs: from melting pitch shifts and chaotic reversed delays, to chorus atmospheres and dark grimy dissonance. Further, you can also freeze the Albedo buffer and keep playing the granular cloud eternally. This allows you to layer the original input signal on top, and making this plugin a great performance tool.


  • Real-time circular recording buffer with freeze and stereo link functions.
  • Granular playback engine with up to 64 grains, variable size, bi-directional speed, and detune.
  • Seamless transitions between forward and reverse grain playback.
  • Low quality vintage and high quality modern interpolation options.
  • Color-coded graphic elements.
  • Built-in preset management functions.
  • Supports window size scaling up to 200%.

In summary, Albedo is one of the most exciting reverb plugins this year. It’s a shame that it’s not a Windows plug-in, only for MacOS. This reverb is a must-have for all ambient lovers, whether as a Korg FX or now as a plug-in.

Albedo is available now as a AU and VST 3 plugin for macOS 10.9 and priced $39 USD. Existing Sinevibes customers are eligible for special upgrade pricing.

More information here: Sinevibes

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