KORG Prologue Multi-Engine Meets Mutable Instruments Plaits Oscillators!

6 Mutable Instruments Plaits Oscillators Are Now Available For The Prologue Multi-Engine

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Super exciting news coming from the Swedish synthesist and developer Peter Allwin. He has published today some algorithms from the Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillator for the multi engine of the KORG Prologue.

In short: you can use now the different oscillator types not only in the Eurorack module but also in the flagship analog Synthesizer from KORG. This is a nice example why the Prologue is one of my hardware highlights 2018. It’s not just another analog poly synth but one that goes further.

Korg Prologue Mutable Instruments Plaits

KORG Prologue With Plaits Oscillators!

Peter Allwin said: “I got the Korg Prologue over the holidays but rather than playing, I got lost exploring the SDK and started porting some of the fantastic Mutable Instruments Plaits oscillators.”

Due of the internal and SDK limitation of the multi-engine, not all oscillators from Plaits are available in this release. Here is what is now available for download:

  • va – Pair of classic waveforms
  • wsh – Waveshaping oscillator
  • fm – Two operator FM
  • grn – Granular formant oscillator
  • add – Harmonic oscillator
  • wta – wtf Wavetable oscillator (split into separate oscillators of 4×8 tables, due to memory restrictions)

If the leak of the Minilogue xd is true, then it’s also possible to use these new algorithms in the multi-engine, which is great.

The Plaits oscillators are available now via Github and can be installed using the official Prologue Librarian from KORG.

More information: Github 

Available here: KORG Prologue Synthesizer

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    • Kann ich selbst nicht liefern, da ich kein Prologue besitze oder zum Test habe. Mann kann sie aber umsonst herunterladen 😉

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