The KORG Prologue Blends Analog Technology With New Unique Digital User-Customizable Features

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Now it’s official. After several leaks yesterday, KORG announced today the Prologue, a new high-quality bi-timbral analog polyphonic Synthesizer. Not only is it an traditional analog Synthesizer, but inside there is also a new designed digital engine with different synthesis shapes. Among others you can find FM, noise, user waveforms and much more. Especially the User Waveforms open almost infinite sound design possibilities to the user. Beside this, you have bi-timbre engine (two sounds at the time via layer or split), a new analog filter, different play modes and several onboard effects like delay or reverb.

A very exciting instrument in my opinion shows that KORG bring further analog synths with digital elements and new synths. I miss a sequencer, more LFO’s or a second filter but I will see this on NAMM next week if they are missing features or not.

Melville, NY – January 18th, 2018 – In 2015, Korg released the Minilogue; a four-voice polyphonic analog synthesizer that took synthesis to the next level by offering a beautiful user interface and supremely usable sounds, at a price point unlike any other in the industry. Following its success, 2016 brought us the Monologue; a programmable, powerful and groundbreaking monophonic analogue synth, with a unique sound and further technological advances. Today, Korg has unleashed the ultimate multi-voice, multi-timbre, multi-engine polyphonic analogue Synthesizer: the Prologue.

This fully-programmable, fully-featured professional synth is Korg’s long-awaited full-sized polyphonic analog flagship, equipped with a full 49 or 61 keys, powerful discrete circuitry, a newly developed open-source multi engine, and stunning DSP-based effects. The Prologue is available in either 8 voice (49 key) or 16 voice (61 key) models with multi-timbral zoning options, as well as multi-effects presented with an intuitive interface, improving on its predecessors, plus Korg’s best full-size synth action, also found in Korg’s popular Kronos workstation.

Prologue’s Synth Structure

The prologue uses a structure of 2VCO + MULTI ENGINE, 1VCF, 2EG, 1VCA, and 1LFO. In addition to distinctive, original circuitry, such as wave shaping to shape the oscillator’s overtones and a sync/ring switch, prologue also features a two-pole low pass filter with enhanced sharpness, drive that adds powerful distortion, and a low cut (high pass) switch. Every detail has been improved on from minilogue and monologue. Its sound covers every sonic possibility: fat basses, powerful leads, and the beautiful pads that you expect from a polyphonic synthesizer.

The ingenuity of prologue goes beyond its analog design. The newly developed multi engine is provided as VCO3, adding digital waveforms and FM. This multi engine, which is equipped with three different sound engines, can be combined with the analog VCOs to expand prologue’s sonic potential far beyond that of a traditional analog Synthesizer.

New Developed Multi-Engine: Noise Generator, VPM Oscillator & User Oscillator

In the new developed Multi Engine, you can find one big power of the new Prologue. It features three different sound functions

  • Noise Generator: four types of noise generator, indispensable for percussive sounds or sound effects. Experience how digital filtering can produce direct changes in the color of the noise.
  • VPM Oscillator: The VPM (Variable Phase Modulation) / FM oscillator was newly developed for prologue. Its metallic and sharp sounds with their complex overtones could never be obtained by analog means. With 16 types of oscillator and the SHAPE knob, you’ll be intuitively guided through complex sound design. Combine these wave shapes with prologue’s gorgeous analog filters, and prepare for sounds you never thought possible.
  • User oscillator: The user oscillator section lets you load oscillator programs of your own creation. Sixteen slots are provided, and one type of morphing wavetable oscillator is built-in as a preset.
Digital Effects

The high-quality digital effects feature pristine 32-bit floating-point processing, and add a further polish to the sound of the prologue. With two effect units provided (a modulation effect and delay/reverb), you can choose from a wide variety such as chorus or ensemble, warm tape delay, or diverse reverbs. The user effect slots let you load effect programs of your own creation.

A Full User-Customizable Multi-Engine Is A Sound Design Dream

Even if the architecture of the new KORG Prologue seems a bit simple, the great fun is deep inside. The developers have built-on a multi-engine that is open to any third-party developer via a special SDK. So you can develop new oscillator types as well as effects for the Prologue. For example, a granular or resonator effect for the effect section are here possible. That’s a clever move KORG, congratulations.

The prologue offers an SDK (Software Development Kit) that allows developers to program, customize and extend the capabilities of the multi-engine and digital effects and is expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018. The prologue provides 16 user oscillator slots and 16 user effect slots, and users can use the prologue Librarian software (also expected to be available for download in the spring of 2018) to load into their prologue new oscillators and effect programs created by developers with the prologue SDK (Software Development Kit). 

What types of sound will you create by combining the expanded digital oscillators with analog synthesis? You can create original programs and share code to participate in the user community. Start with sample code provided by KORG. The prologue belongs to you.

Additional Features
  • Analog compressor /booster to enhance your sounds
  • Bi-timbral engine The prologue is a two-timbre synthesizer that lets you play two different programs simultaneously. In addition to layer and split, you can use crossfade to smoothly transition between the main timbre and sub timbre. An ample 16 or 8 voices ensure that the player’s advanced performance needs will be met.
  • Four voice modes: POLY, MONO, UNISON, CHORD
  • Arpeggiator 
  • Program Shots: The program sort function lets you instantly change the sorting order of the 500 programs.
  • Japanese-made natural touch keyboard
Sound Demo With The Unique Blade Runner Intro

Korg’s Prologue will make its debut at the 2018 WNAMM show at the Korg USA booth; #8802 in Hall B, with exclusive demonstrations planned throughout the show. Both models will be available January 2018 for $1499.99 and $1999.99, respectively.

More information here: KORG Prologue

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  1. It’s a shame Korg didn’t incorporated the motion sequencer form the Monologue, nor aftertouch, nor more than a single LFO. The user programmable multi-engine is nice but it can’t be used for an extra LFO for the VCO’s.

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