Korg Wavestate Synthesizer, Revival Of The Wavestation (Future Music Mag Leak)

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In the new issue of Future Music magazine, the new Korg Wavestate Synthesizer has leaked, a modern comeback of the iconic Wavestation from 1990.

One thing about the leak: we media lurk for leaks in music catalogs or online shops. But what I don’t like to see is if a mag leaks the new product entirely the day before. Fairplay would be a much-appreciated thing, even if FM is a big media.

Back to the topic: Korg brought the Wavestation onto the market 30 years ago, now it is coming back in a smaller form with more modern features or let’s describe it as a “spiritual” successor. According to the leak, this new Wave Sequencing 2.0 offers up to 64 stereo voices and the engine uses up to 4 sound layers which features a wave sequence of multiple PCM samples that can be stacked or split across the keyboard.

Korg Wavestate

Wave Sequencing 2.0

Each layer of the engine offers independent sample selection, timing, pitch, and modulation. The latter part can be achieved by the internal vector synthesis and the 4 axis vector grid. Here you can assign parameters to 4 axes. These are supported by 5-stage looping vector envelopes, LFOs or via external MIDI.

The signal is then routed to the filter section where you can find multiple resonant filter models including emulation of best-known analog synths like the Polysix or MS-20. At the end of the signal path, the sound can be refined with 3 effects slots per layer. Yep per layer, that impressive. Effects include delay, reverb, modulation, EQ, tremolo, ring modulation, and an amp modeler. On top, you have access to a global EQ and reverb. This time no multi-engine based core.

The leak says also, that it comes with some nice randomization features with which you can instantly create sounds. Perfect for direct wavestate fun

Full Control

What is striking is the significantly different interface design compared to the first Wavestation from 1990. More buttons, knobs and an OLED display for a better hands-on sound programming workflow.

According to Future Music Mag, the Korg Wavestate will cost £699 what is a fair price. Korg is, therefore, quite a competitor to the new ASM Hydrasynth (desktop) or Modal Argon8 which are situated in the same price tag. I think a new trend in digital synthesizers is coming. Full details will come today, stay tuned.

More information here: Korg 

Source: Gearslutz & Future Music Magazine

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