Feedback Modules LFO100, a budget-friendly analog LFO with complex waveforms

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Feedback Modules LFO100 is an advanced vintage-inspired analog LFO with complex waveform creation for an affordable price.

Over the weekend, Romanian developer Feedback Modules released two new analog oscillators. These are based on the legendary EMS VCS3 Synthesizer. The news caused controversy among Eurorack users as to whether or not every oscillator should be replicated for the Eurorack format. In my opinion, why not, you don’t have to buy it.

In addition to the two oscillators, there is also a new analog LFO that will undoubtedly cause little controversy. Eurorack users with a small budget will find this exciting news, I’m pretty sure. 

Feedback Modules LFO100

Feedback Modules LFO100

LFO100 is a new 10HP analog LFO module inspired by a vintage Japanese modular system, probably on the Roland 100 system from the 1970s. 

The module offers eight different waveforms with individual outputs, including classic shapes and more unusual ones. The latter includes stairs like waveforms with selectable 16 steps, 8 steps, 4 steps, or mangled form 

Additionally, it hosts two linked outputs for which you can select any of the waveforms using the big switch. 

An exciting addition to the alternative output is the built-in VCA. It allows you to fade in the LFO signal in a defined duration with a dedicated fade time potentiometer. A feature that you rarely find on a budget LFO.

Then, you get full control over the frequency of the LFO, the option to set the range (high, low, mid), and apply pulse-width modulation to it. Plus, it includes CV control input and a waveform reset socket. 

First Impression

It is a nice, affordable LFO with lots of features. I really like the ability to create more specific waveforms. Considering the price, it’s a very good deal if you’re looking for a solid, analog LFO that can do more than just the traditional waves. 

Feedback Modules LFO100 is available now for 95€ + VAT + shipping. 

More information here: Feedback Modules

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