Tempera 1.5, touchy hardware polyphonic granular synth gets a big update

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Tempera 1.5, a new firmware update for the touchy hardware polyphonic granular synth is available now and a third batch is ready for pre-order.

At Superbooth 23, the makers of the Vector synth introduced Tempera, a hardware granular synth with a unique touch concept. Almost nine months have passed between SB and now, and two batches have already been shipped. The third batch is now open for pre-order.

That’s not all the developers have to report. Tempera 1.5 firmware update is also out now, which includes numerous new engine-expanding features, improvements, and bug fixes. Much is based on user feedback.

Tempera 1.5

Tempera 1.5

The new update 1.5 introduces all-new tone filters in each emitter, simplifying sound design tasks when a lot of emitters and grains play at the same time. They consists of a stereo pair of 1-pole lowpass and high-pass filters with two parameters (width and center).

It can work as a sweepable “DJ style” filter or a smooth bandpass to give each emitter a place in the mix. Handy and powerful, they are also a modulation destination. 

Then, the new firmware also boosts the modulation part. It adds new modulation destinations, including per-emitter volume, grain size, grain density, and tone. They promises that more coming in the future. 

Tempera 1.5 firmware update

Another excellent addition is the possibility to load a long audio file into Tempera (up to 5 minutes) and pick an up to 11s window from it to load into a track. Moreover, you get a new random name generator, additional global settings (velocity curve, max volume, display brightness…) and various small things.

The latter includes a new chromatic scale option, a new horizontal overlay keyboard variant, and more. And tons of engine polishing.

Tempera 1.5 firmware update is available now as a free download for existing users. The third batch is ready for pre-order for 804€, including VAT. 

More information here: official website


Article From May 23, 2023

Update: at Superbooth 23, the developers of the VECTOR Synthesizer showcased the upcoming Tempera granular Synthesizer. Today, they will open the pre-orders that can be made through the official website starting at 7 PM (CET).

It will have an opening price of 642€ + VAT and will be shipped in November.

Tempera pre-order

Key Features

  •  metal chassis, with 4 RBG backlit encoders with anodized aluminum knobs, and 4 128×64 monochrome OLED displays
  • in-house developed 8×8 touch-sensitive grid with vibrant RGB backlight under each sell
  • grain pool of over 4000 stereo grains, freely allocated to 16-voice polyphony
  • Each voice has capacity for 64 concurrently playing emitters of 4 configurations, a multimode filter, and 5 assignable LFO or envelope modulators.
  • built-in reverb and other effects
  • 8 GB of internal memory
  • samples can be loaded from the internal memory, SD card or USB thumb-drive
  • many audio formats, including WAV and FLAC
  • sampling (internal recording) via the stereo audio input
  • USB host
  • hand-assembled in Prague (Czech Republic)

Tempera granular synth

May 14th, 2023

Here is a first look at Tempera.

Update: I have fresh news for the Tempera granular synth.

Jeremy from the YouTube channel Red Means Recording published a first look video of the alpha version of the Tempera granular synth. And it’s not the classic granular synth you might have expected. It’s quite a unique novel take.

Tempera Granular Superbooth 23


All details are still unavailable, but in Jeremy’s video, you can learn more about what’s behind the concept.

Tempera’s hardware has an intriguing interface with a grid of 8 x 8 touch plates. In each vertical row of 8 cells represents a sample. You can load up to 8 stereo samples with varying lengths in the granular engine. These can be played with the built-in keyboard by swiping the fingers from up to down or down up. So this is the position of the sample. Or you can play it via a USB/MIDI keyboard. There is also a hold function perfect for making endless drones and textures.

Then, it features four granular emitters, each with independent settings that can be applied on the panel. Think of it like 4 granular synth voice in charge of the granular process

For example, you have classic parameters like grain density or grain size but also a unique spray function. This causes the grains to spray up or down the panel or from the left to right. Here it becomes super interesting. So the emitters use not only the actual samples but also travel to the neighbors. This allows you to generate very complex textures.

Tempera granular

There is also a locking functionality for the emitters allowing you to lock them onto some positions. Once activated, you can also play other emitters over them. The emitters can also be synced; you can create time-based granular snippets. And all this is also playable polyphonically. The result is a cloud with sequenced sample grains.

According to Jeremy, there are also multiple modulators with multiple shapes like LFOs. And these can be applied to almost everything giving your textures a moving, organic feel. Of course, there is also a filter for shaping the timbres and a built-in reverb that makes every sound fluffy, smooth, and spacey.

A fascinating take on granular synthesis. The first demos are pure ear candy. Lovely. I can’t wait to hear and try the Tempera myself at Superbooth 23.


Article From May 7th, 2023

In my opinion, VECTOR Synthesizer is one of the most innovative and futuristic hardware synthesizers of recent years. Even if many people don’t get along with the timbre, VECTOR is a fascinating Synthesizer that stands out. That’s because of its design, the Animoog-like vector synthesis and concept, and the generated sounds.

The developers continue their journey and will present a new Synthesizer/sampler on Superbooth 23. After spacy vector sound generation, they explore granular synthesis in the new Tempera.

Tempera Granular


As much as I’d like to tell you all the features of the Tempera, I can’t. The full features, as well as the final design of the synth, are not yet known at the moment. As a granular fanboy, I would like to see every detail.

So far, the Vector developers have only uploaded a preview to Instagram and their new website. From the Instagram hashtags and the preview on the page, you can see where the journey is going.

Tempera will be a desktop multi-timbral polyphonic granular Synthesizer/sampler with resampling capabilities. On the website, they write: record, resample, and granularize. The preview shows a relatively compact device that looks like a handheld. It has four screens, each with a color backlit knob.

You can see “ermitter 1 to 4” with edit and selection functions on display. Not sure, but this can indicate the number of granular layers. So Tempera would probably have four granular layers. Further, you have buttons on the right side

At the very bottom, which is still black and unrecognizable, could be another display where you get the full granular sampler party representation.


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I’m curious about what the product will look like. I’m a big granular fan; this could be another futuristic synth. With the VECTOR, the developers have shown their talent for extraordinary synthesizers.

Tempera will be on display at Superbooth 23 in booth W245. On-site, we will then also know all the features of the Tempera.

More information will follow here: Playtempera 

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  1. Actually, this interface seems to mimic very closely how Plinky handles granular sampling. 8 columns capacitive touch keyboard to scrub through samples with granular playback? That is literally what Plinky does!
    Good thing imo, it’s great on Plinky, but that one still is unobtainable, and this seems like a very nice update on that familiar workflow.

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