Feedback MIX BX, 6-Channel Performance Mixer Module Inspired By Boss BX8

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Feedback MIX BX is a new affordable 6-channel performance mixer module that takes inspiration from the Boss BX8 with built-in EQ, panning, AUX channels & more. 

The doorbell rang yesterday morning at my front door. My Feedback Module 1-Bit Delay that I ordered in the sale arrived successfully after a few weeks of waiting. What a monstrous module. Built of great quality and with 3 PCB layers. Definitely my fattest module so far.

As if Feedback Modules had noticed my delivery, they introduced a new super interesting module today.

Feedback MIX BX

Feedback MIX BX

MIX BX is a 35HP wide/35mm depth performance-style mixer module that is heavily inspired by the Boss BX8, a device used by many techno musicians. It features 6 independent channels, each with a mono input, and a set of different knobs. It offers gain control, hi/low EQ settings, AUX 1 & AUX 2 send, pan, and volume control per channel.

Then, each channel also has a white volume control and a mute switch that gives you the option to mute channels on the go. All six mono channels move to the final section where you can grab a stereo signal with left/right outputs. Here, you can also find two mono aux send jacks, and 4 mono inputs jacks for two stereo AUX returns with potentiometers. Further, you have a master control and a 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone output. 

According to the developer, they will finish the 30 units in 3 months from closing the pre-sale (last unit sold). At first glance a nice performance mixer that offers a lot for little money. 6 channels to a stereo with panning, mute, aux channels, and more. A very tempting module.


The first batches of the Feedback MIX BX are currently sold out. The module will be available later for 190€. More units will be available soon.

More information here: Feedback Modules

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