Five12 QV-L, a new quad variable LFO where flexibility meets immediacy

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At Knobcon 2022, Five12 presented its upcoming module QV-L, a new quad variable LFO with deep and immediate control.

Software manufacturers taking the hardware route is nothing new. Also Five12, the developers of the best-known numerology sequencer software did this with the Vector Eurorack module. A powerful sequencer that includes many subtleties of the Numerology software but also a lot of new things.

Taking about new things. Five12 had a booth at this year’s Knobon 2022 and premiered a new interesting new quad LFO module.

Five12 QV-L Quad Variable LFO

Five12 QV-L

QV-L is a quad variable LFO consisting of four fully-customizable LFOs in 12HP. The LFOs are split between two OLED displays, with two LFOs on each side (1&2 on side A and 3& 4 on side B).

Each LFO can be adjusted in detail. There are also 6 adjustable high-resolution potentiometers to which certain parameters can be mapped. These range from waveform control, LFO rate, level control, pulse width, and more. They are regrouped in a menu that can be controlled using the 4 buttons under the screens.

Classic waveforms are available but also more experimental ones like chaos waveforms and a noise generator. Thus it covers a wide modulation spectrum.

Internal Modulation

Then, you can go deeper and modulate these LFOs internally. For this, Five12 has implemented a modulation system in the QV-L module with 2 envelopes for internal animations. It gives you 8 modulation buses and 4 output processors. For example, you can modulate LFO with another LFO for wild signals or even waveshaping effects.

QV-L also has clever utilities like a slew, gain and offset function in each LFO slot. According to the developer, you can benefit from different LFO ranges, including super low rates, Hz, beat-based ranges, and more. Of course, there is also sync available either via the gate inputs or the back panel connection. The latter allows you to sync the module to the mighty vector sequencer.

I particularly like the option to save parameters in 64 presets. So you can save certain parameters and call them up again and again without having to adjust the settings manually for a long time. Very useful and time-saving when playing live with different patches.

On the connection side, you get four outputs, four internal mappable CV inputs, 2 gate inputs, and 2 reset/trigger inputs. The Five12 developer promises that the module gives you immediacy right away and direct playibility.

At first glance, it looks like a very feature-rich quad LFO with a lot of customization options. The menu seems big but from what you can see in the linked video so far the structure is very intuitively designed.

Five 12 QV-L will be available this fall for a price of $379 USD.

More information here: Five12

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