Feedback Modules VCZIII A & VCZIII B, the EMS VCS 3 oscillators for Eurorack

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Feedback Modules VCZIII A & VCZIII B are two new modules that revive the EMS VCS 3 Synthesizer oscillators for Eurorack.

The past has given us many legendary synthesizers—classic but also experimental ones. For me, one of the most epic synths ever made is the EMS VCS 3 from Peter Zinovieff from 1969.

Unlike any other synth at the time, it utilizes an innovative pin matrix to create hardware connections for audio and modulation. You can hear the VCS3 in many recordings from earlier, including Pink Floyd’s Welcome to the Machine or tracks by Jean-Michel Jarre.  The oscillators of this legendary synth are now available as an affordable Eurorack module.

Feedback Modules VCZIll A

Feedback Modules VCZIII A & VCZIII B

Please welcome the VCZIII A & VCZIII B. These are two new analog Eurorack oscillators based on the EMS VCS 3 oscillator circuits—oscillator clones/replicas. These new Eurorack adaptions were developed in collaboration between Feedback Modules and CMS-LAB. 

According to both developers, these are re-creations of those temperamental, organic, and beautiful sounding VCOs from 1969 but with enhancements and adaptations to the Eurorack needs.

Both modules are available in two versions: Basic and Premium. The basic features a normal fine-tune potentiometer, while the premium gives you a lovely EMS-style Bourns multiturn fine-tune potentiometer. It costs 40€ + VAT more but it also looks nicer.

The VCZIII A offers the EMS VCS 3 VCO 1 feature set with variable sine and saw waveforms. Then, the VCZIII B is a recreation of the EMS VCS 3 VCO 2 & VCO 3 with variable triangle and pulse waveforms. 

Each oscillator hosts five pots that control the tune, FM, shape, mix, and sync. Besides this, they come with a 1v/octave input, CV shape in, sync in, and FM in.

On the output side, it has individual waveform outputs and a mix-out. Don’t be fooled: the color accent is not a display; it is just color and does not make any animation or give feedback. It would have been a cool feature. 

First Impression

It’s nice to have these oscillators in Eurorack now. They are very special interest modules, especially for people who want these vintage OSCs in their racks. 

Feedback Modules VCZIIIA & VCZIIIB are available now from the developer’s website. The VCZIIIA/VCZILLB Base is 170€ and the VCZIIIA/VCZILLB Premium is 210€. DIY versions with the PCB and faceplate are available for 40€. The prices don’t include VAT and shipping from Europe. 

More information here: Feedback Modules 

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