New Systems Instruments releases new Quad LFO and phase expander modules

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New Systems Instruments has released a new sine-core based Quad LFO and a phase expander modules giving you up to 3 additional outputs. 

Modulation modules are among the core elements of a modular system. With these you can bring movement into the synthesis and sound. The most popular mod modules are LFOs, which you can never have enough of in a system.

The US-based company New Systems Instruments has released an interesting new Quad LFO.

New Systems Instruments Quad LFO

New Systems Instruments Quad LFO

Quad LFO is a new modulation module that consists of four independent, analog sine-core LFOs with either sine or square waveforms. This gives you low distortion, accurate, and consistent sine wave outputs. If you need more than just a sine wave, you can set one or more LFOs to a square with a jumper on the back.

Then, it provides linear voltage control over the frequency allowing you to go into the sub-audio rate frequencies. Each oscillator ranges from nearly stopped to around 23 Hz. According to New Systems Instruments, it is designed for knob twiddling, with accurate potentiometers, aluminum knobs, and 1Hz easily reachable in the center.

Phase Expander

Further, there is a new Phaser Expander for the Quad LFO allowing to break out of one LFO to three additional outputs that can be phase offset via the control knob. You can chain up to four of these to a single LFO giving you a total of 16 modulation outputs with customizable phase offsets.

New Systems Instruments Quad LFO is available soon for $239 USD and the Phase Expander for $99 USD.

More information here: New Systems Instruments

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