Baby Audio officially acquires Denise Audio, including free updates

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Baby Audio has officially acquired Denise Audio and published the roadmap of the new owners and free updates for existing plugins.

The market is full of plugin developers. Every year, we welcome new ones, and at the same, we say goodbye to others, often very quietly without making any big statements. Other companies take others over. From large investors or even small companies. 

Denise Audio, a small plugin developer, has changed hands. Don’t worry, not to a soulless investor company. It now belongs to Baby Audio. And it sounds like they have a solid plan.

Baby Audio Denise Audio

Baby Audio Denise Audio – Summary

Baby Audio has officially acquired all assets of Densie Audio, effective from September 1, 2023, promising new developments and changes in the positive direction of both brands.

The acquisition will not bring about any immediate changes for existing Baby Audio users. They will continue to operate independently and maintain its brand identity. The plugins also remain unaffected. There are, however, changes for Denise Audio customers and for the future. I think good ones.

The New Densie Audio

First, they launched a new Densie Audio website with a new look and with streamlined price points for more consistency and transparency, says the new owners. Then, they rebuilt all DA plugins for full compatibility with the most recent operating systems.

This means existing plugin owners can now download free updates for their plugins that are compatible with the latest operation systems, including native Apple Silicon. Plus, Baby Audio promises new products based on the existing DA catalog and DSP in the coming months.

Baby Audio Denise Audio

On the developing side, they will explore mutual opportunities that benefit both brands, for example in the R&D. They plan to hire more specialized developers and release more experimental products in the Denise Audio catalog. Baby Audio says:

We will be able to treat Denise Audio as a playground for bringing out esoteric concepts, as this is aligned with the brand’s profile, while we can continue to increase the ambition level for Baby Audio with a bigger development team. Operating two brands will give us the bandwidth to do things with improved muscle and purpose.

Former Denise Audio CEO Rob Stegeman said in a statement:

We started Denise Audio in 2018 and it’s been a great journey. But after 5 years in the plugin industry, I wanted to pursue other passions (more on that to be announced soon). This meant we began looking for a new owner of Denise Audio who would carry on – and improve upon – our work with a respect for the user base and new ideas for the future.

To me, Baby Audio was the perfect buyer as I’ve always admired their attention to detail and product quality. I’m sure they will continue the journey for Denise Audio and take the brand further. I’m very happy with the deal and excited to share what I have coming in the near future.

Then I wish all the best for Denise Audio. I’m excited to see where Baby Audio takes the company.

More information here: Baby Audio / Denise Audio

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