FX Collection 2, Arturia Added 7 New Plugins To Its Inspiring FX Bundle

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Arturia has today unveiled the new FX Collection 2 with 7 new additions including plugins for creating mixing and modulations, NKS support & more.

With the V Collection, Arturia has been offering music producers a bundle of many solid emulations of vintage synthesizers, samplers, pianos, and more for many years. The French manufacturer has also been offering an FX Collection since last year. This, as the name suggests, includes emulations of vintage effects but also modern, new developments. And like the V Collection, they follow the same release rhythm.

Today Arturia unveiled the FX Collection 2, a continuation of their effects plugin bundle with 7 new plugins and improvements to existing ones.

Arturia FX Collection 2

Arturia FX Collection 2

The new FX Collection 2 has increased in size from 15 to 22 plugins featuring a new bus mix section as well as new modulation effects processors

Bus FX

It consists of three new plugins. Bus Force is an advanced parallel processor with 4 distinct modules including filter, EQ, compressor, and saturation. Powerful is here that you can change how the paths interact with each other by removing or rerouting modules as you see fit. Remove the Filter here, add the Compressor there, change where the Equalizer goes – there’s a total of 36 possible routing combinations to explore.  Arturia promises it will be your go-to mixing plugin, let’s see.

Then you get two analog-modeled emulations. It includes the Comp DIODE-609, a British Neve™ stereo compressor, and limiter emulation with a distinctly characterful crunchy response – great for drums. Next, the EQ SITRAL-295  is a classic stereo EQ with gentle musical curves and a warm transistor feel, based on the classic ‘70s Siemens™ broadcast console.


4 new modulation plugins have also been added. You probably know one of them. The Chorus JUN-6 was free during Chrismas and many have benefited from this action. It’s an emulation of the iconic Roland Juno chorus that gives your sounds massive stereo richness, analog warmth, and subtle movement at the touch of a button.

Chorus Dimension-D is an emulation of the iconic Roland Dimension-D. It’s a simple plugin with 4-mode operation for a beautifully smooth stereo chorus in one click, with perfectly emulated BBD warmth. Probably the most easy-to-use chorus out there.

Further, you includes Phaser BI-TRON, a dual phaser that offers boutique guitar pedal charm with two phasing effects ad advanced routing options. It is based on the iconic Mu-Tron Bi-Phase pedal. Lastly, it comes with the Flanger BL-20 which is described as a rare and unique gem. It goes from faint stereo width to out-of-this-world compound modulation in no time.

Improvements & NKS Support

Besides this, the new FX Collection 2 also brings improvements to existing plugins from the version 1. For example, the Delay TAPE-2021 now has multiple preamp options: no preamp, the original RE-201 preamp, and a newly-modeled Germanium preamp for that signature crunch. This makes it more versatile and flexible. Every title in FX Collection now works with NKS (Native Kontrol Standard) which is a big new feature to me.

It also ships with 200 new presets. So you can find in almost every plugin in the collection new patches that will inspire you. Lastly, the developers add new in-app tutorials and  improved the preset browsers of the plugins. They have installed these from the current V Collection instruments that offer better streamlined browsing, filtering, and more.

A solid update for the first version of the FX Collection. Glad to see that the bundle is not only expanded with new emulations but also with own, new ideas.

Arturia FX Collection 2 is available now for an introductory price of $299 USD/299€ instead of $399/399€. Customers who already own Arturia software or hardware are eligible for exclusive discounts and crossgrades, with prices starting from $49 USD/49€. The intro offers ends on June 25th, 2021. Each plugin is also available individually for $99 USD/99€. You can rent-to-own them also for $19.99 USD per month at Splice.

They run as a 64-bit only VST, VST3 AU, and AAX plugins on macOS and Windows.

More information here: Arturia 

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