Baby Audio Magic Dice, free plugin takes you on a random, unpredictable delay journey

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Baby Audio has launched its Black Friday Sale and is offering Magic Dice, a free plugin that takes you on a random delay effect journey.

Are you a fan of free plugins? But are you also a fan of free plugins that take you on a wild sound adventure?

If yes, the new freebie from the young developer company Baby Audio is perfect for you. And if the plugin has made you curious about further releases from the Baby Audio universe, it’s good because it’s the perfect moment. The Black Friday sale started today with major discounts.

Baby Audio Magic Dice

Baby Audio Magic Dice

Magic Dice is the successor to Baby Audio’s popular Magic Switch freebie.  The idea of the new effects processor is very special. It puts the entire sonic palette of their Spaced Out plugin into a simple one-button interface. Exactly, no parameters, no possibility of setting anything… Rolling the dice decides how the effect sounds. It allows users to generate random, lush atmospheres at the click of a button.

According to the developer, it features the same rich and modern reverb/delay/modulation sound engine as its big brother. Just with the big difference that you are not able to tweak individual parameters. Okay, it’s not completely chaotic. Besides the dice, you have a mix parameter with which you can adjust the balance of the effect. The plugin is capable to generate anything from hazy space echoes over lush reverbs to alien-sounding modulation effects. Sometimes all at once!

Since you cannot save any settings as presets, you can’t get the same settings. Completely crazy or?. So if you want to capture the results, you have to record the whole thing in an audio file. Magic Dice is certainly not a plugin with which you will work all the time. The parameters are simply missing here. But it’s a creative way by Baby Audio to get to know more people about their Spaced Out engine. It’s a lovely inspiring gift for sonic explorers for the holidays.

Black Friday Sale

And on top, the Baby Audio team has launched its Black Friday Sale with up to 44% OFF discounts on their plugins.

Baby Audio Magic Dice is available now as a free download runs as a VST, VST3, AU, and AAX plugin on macOS and Windows. The Black Friday Sale runs until December 5th, 2021.

More information here: Baby Audio

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