Arturia’s Sound Explorers Collection Summarizes 20 Years Of Software Development

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Arturia celebrates its 20th company birthday with the release of the Sound Explorers Collection, a box with 39 best-selling plugins and 40 sound packs. 

Happy Birthday, Arturia. Yes, the likeable French developers from Grenoble have been on the market for 20 years. How the time flies. It all started with software (Storm, Modular V…) up to hardware products including analog & digital synthesizers, drum machines, MIDI controllers, and audio interfaces. Even though the company grew and many products saw the light of day, the team around Frédéric Brun stayed on the ground. This is very welcome since companies can change with bigger success.

To celebrate this 20th birthday, Arturia has released the Sound Explorers collection, a limited edition bundle that includes all best-known Arturia software products that have been released to date. It includes the V-Collection 7, FX Collection, Pigments wavetable Synthesizer, and 40 preset packs all bundled on a 250GB hard drive. However, something is different here: no download but only available locally from your favorite retailer.

Arturia Sound Explorers Collection

Here musicians get software developments from the past 20 years. Ok, there is no software that is so old because they update the plugins on a regular base. For me, besides the commercial point (X plugins for Y price), it should also be mentioned that this bundle also summarizes 20 years of intensive work (finding ideas, coding, testing, sound design…) by a large team.

Thank you also for the work. 599 € / $ is a lot of money for many but you also have to consider what you get and how much work is involved. Here’s what gets here in the Sound Explorers Collection.


  • 250GB hard drive: A selection of the most inspiring software titles and sound packs with spare external storage to store your valuable music projects. Installation is quick and easy.
  • V Collection 7: 23 legendary instruments brought back to life, including analog synths, classic pianos, quirky keyboards, and digital polysynths, with over 8,000 awe-inspiring presets.
  • FX Collection: Circuit-accurate emulations of the most iconic effects and studio tools, supercharged with new features for modern production.
  • Pigments: A synth that combines incredible FM, virtual analog, sampling, and granular synth engines with unlimited modulation, packed full of presets made by big-name artists and sound designers.
  • 40 best-selling preset packs: Inspiring sounds from the Analog Lab and Pigments Sound Store giving you access to 700 lovingly crafted presets

I wish the entire Arturia team a successful future and for another 20 years. You deserve it here.

Arturia Sound Explorers Collection is available now only in stores for 599€/$ in limited quantities.

More information here: Arturia

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