L-Fusion Electronics, three new modules: thru-zero VCO, crossfader and utility

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Spanish developer L-Fusion Electronics releases three new modules: a thru-zero VCO, feature-packed crossfader, and utility.

Spain is the European mecca for Eurorack synthesizer developers. Befaco, Endorphin.es, NANO Modules, Winter Modular, Patching Panda, Plankton Electronics, and Mutant Modular, to name a few.

And today, the Spanish list of module developers has expanded with another one. L-Fusion Electronics from Malaga has introduced its first three modules: a thru-zero VCO, an intriguing crossfader, and a utility module.

L-Fusion Electronics

L-Fusion Electronics

The young Spanish company starts with three new modules. All with a black front panel

Dual Analog Triangle VCO

The first module is a 16HP dual analog triangle core voltage-controlled oscillator (VCO) with through-zero FM modulation based on SSI2130 ICs. Each VCO in the module outputs sine, triangle, saw, and square/pulse waves.

It’s also possible to generate a voltage-controlled mix with an additional sub-oscillator (octave below) controllable with an integrated crossfader mixer. Each oscillator also comes with exponential and linear FM and thru-zero FM/PM, waveshape, and pulse width with CV control.

DAT VCO also offers a master crossfader to mix the outputs, an octave selector switches for each oscillator, and various knobs: shape, pulse width, pitch, and fine-tuning. According to the developer, it has a stable tuning across 10 octaves.


Then the second module packs an analog crossfader, mixer, distortion, and white noise generator in a single 9HP utility module.

It consists of three crossfaders, three channel mixers, and an analog white noise output. The crossfader can be used for interesting VCO wave mixing, stereo panning, dry/wet mixers in effect signal chains, and more.

The three mixers are designed to perform analog signal summing and subtraction with soft clipping. There is an extra in the circuit. A copy of the mixer output signal can be fed to one of its inputs, creating rich feedback-based overdrives. And together with soft clipping, it can produce heavy analog distortions. You can also place other modules in the feedback loop allowing you to generate a wide range of effects

4CH Copy

The new 4CH Copy is a precision 4HP analog quad buffered signal splitter/multi module. The module handles both audio and CV signals. It offers 4x 1 to 3 exact buffered signal copies with 0.1% precision. According to L-Fusion Electronics, the module has a very low noise and distortion. There is also an option to daisy chain 2x to 6 or 1x to 12 copies.

First Impression

The oscillator looks very feature rich to me. Not ground-breaking new, but a solid thru-zero VCO. I particularly like the new crossfader utility module with many functions. A nice start into the module world.

L-Fusion Electronics Dual Analog Triangle VCO is 325€, XFaders/Mixer  is 85€, and 4CH Copy 58€. Only the multiple is currently available, both other modules are sold out. (as of April 2023).

More information here: L-Fusion Electronics

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