DivKid Output Bus, a stereo summing module, the last link in your Eurorack modular chain

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DivKid Output Bus is a new summing-style mixer module made in collaboration with Befaco that promises to be the last link in your Eurorack modular chain.

Eurorack is a world of its own. From building your own synthesizers or drum machines, or creating modular effect chains to using it as a standalone production hub. In order, to route out the best sounds in the best possible quality, you need output gear. You can also do it directly from the VCA but it is not recommended.

Finalizing is a topic that isn’t being addressed by many developers yet, but I think we’ll see more in the future. One of the first exciting modules for mixing comes from Eurorack expert DivKid and the Barcelona-based company Befaco. In 2022, they published the Stereo Strip, a stereo channel strip module with clever additions for the modular world. With the Outpus Bus, the journey now continues. 

DivKid Output Bus

DivKid Output Bus

Most of the time, you don’t work with a single voice in Eurorack. So you need not only a channel strip but also a summer that brings everything together and takes to recording.

Output Bus (8HP) is the latest DivKid development in collaboration with Befaco and is a summing-style mixer with modular I/O that pairs perfectly with the Channel strip module. It is inspired by pro audio and studio summing units, says DivKid. 

It features six stereo inputs with the option to set the sixth channel to line or synth level. On the I/O side, you get modular level minijack outs, a 6,5” Jack balanced out, and both 3.5mm and 1/4″ headphone outs. The latter enables monitoring your signals in headphones. 

A handy LED VU-meter gives you instant visual feedback of your signals. It also hosts a big red level knob that adjusts the main volume. The main output also features a soft clipping circuit perfect for adding character to the mix.

According to DivKid, the module is very flexible. You use it to mix all your other mixers in your setup so as a final stage mixer. Further, it also works for routing mono or stereo FX into the master bus, or to bring in external stereo line gear.

First Impression

A logical next step after the Channel Strip. If things go that far, we will soon have a complete modular mixing console from DivKid and Befaco.

DivKid Output Bus is available now for $219,99

More information here: DivKid

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