Superbooth 24: Tiptop Audio Triax8, eight voice poly analog oscillator, VC-Resonator, and more

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Superbooth 24: Tiptop Audio has announced four new ART-powered Eurorack modules: Triax8 poly oscillator, VC Resonator, and more. 

Tiptop Audio didn’t just bring new Buchla modules to the Superbooth 24. The developers also introduced new ART-enabled modules. As a reminder, ART is a new technology that simplifies polyphony in Eurorack.

At Superbooth 24, Tiptop Audio introduced four new modules for the ART lineup, including a monster analog polyphonic oscillator.

Tiptop Audio Triax8

Tiptop Audio Triax8

Triax8 is a new ART-controlled 8-voice polyphonic analog oscillator with two VCOs per voice, generating 16 analog oscillators in total. Each oscillator section uses Dave Rossum and his colleagues’ oscillator chips to archive an analog sound. 

Each side offers mixable waveforms, a sub-oscillator, TZ linear FM with various targets, PWM, and vibrato. There is also hard & soft sync, velocity over ART, and XOR modulation.

The module features Polytip patch points, an ART input, and classic 3.5mm standard jacks, including outputs over every voice. Tiptop Audio promises a classic vintage sound. 

TA Octovert

The second new module is Octovert, a polyphonic attenuverter plus offset with which you can invert scale and offset polyphonic CV and audio. This is an important function that brings this functionality to the polyphonic realm in Eurorack.

Tiptop Audio Triax-8 VC-Resonator

TA VC-Resonator

Then, the VC-Resonator is a new ART-controlled polyphonic voltage-controlled resonator based on the Moog Polymoog. With the help of Neil Johnson (AES UK), the developers added voltage control over the resonator circuit and its entire feature set.

The module has three channels, each with the option to choose between high, band, and lowpass. There is also manual and voltage-controlled gain, emphasis, and frequency per channel.

Taking the mix audio out from Vortex6 into the resonator then into Zeverb and you get a world of drones and pads.


Last but not least, the M module, a Polytip multiple with five jacks in 4HP. It’s fully passive and needs no power.

Tiptop Audio TRIAX-8… First Impression

A very exciting set of new ART modules. The new poly oscillator in particular, shows what this new standard is for. 

Tiptop Audio Triax8 will be available in November 2024 (expected). Price TBA. Octovert ($150), VC-Resonator ($245), and M ($55) will be available in June/July 2024.

More information here: Tiptop Audio

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