Empress Effects ZOIA/Euroburo 3.0, new firmware turns it into a sampler

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Empress Effects ZOIA/Euroburo 3.0, new firmware for its wire-free modular effects processor, turning it into a sampler pedal/module.

With the ZOIA and Euroburo module, the effect pedal manufacturer Empress Effects is pursuing an exciting concept. A modular engine is used in these two devices. Yes, it clicks in your head, and you immediately think of cables stuck and tangled cables. But not in the Empress Effects pedal/module.

In the ZOIA/Euroburo, you explore modular synthesis without virtual cables but with a color-coded system based on simple linking of modules. But don’t worry; the cables will be back in the Eurorack version at the latest. Just recently, Empress Effects published the open beta of the new firmware 3.0 for the ZOIA/Euroburo, adding the long-awaited sampler module.

Empress Effects Zoia Euroburo 3.0

Empress Effects ZOIA/Euroburo 3.0

The new firmware 3.0 is officially out as an open beta. It is compatible with both the ZOIA pedal and the Euroburo module.

The most significant new feature of firmware 3.0 is the sampler module. It lets you play and record 16-bit/48kHz stereo wave files from an SD card. In combination with the built-in sequencer, you can build a drum machine out of it. Alternatively, you can use it as a powerful sampler. According to Empress, the feature is currently in beta and contains some bugs.

Then, the new firmware adds a new logic gate module to the CV control group of modules. It adds logical operations with CV inputs to the modular engine, including AND, OR, NOT, NOR, NAND, XOR, and XNOR. Plus, you benefit from a new single patch import/export to/from SD card functionality.

Zoia/Euroburo 3.0 also comes with various very-welcome bug fixes:

  • the current page displayed on the page list screen should always reflect the page of modules that are currently loaded. Scrolling to the import pages option would often result in the incorrect page loading
  • spelling and grammar fixes
  • audio input switch module would sometimes stop passing audio if switched quickly enough.

A small feature update but with a feature that significantly upgrades the pedal/module. I’m curious about what else will come into the ZOIA/Euroburo and whether the sampler will be expanded or not.

Empress Effects ZOIA/Euroburo 3.0 firmware is available now in beta as a free download for existing users

More information here: Empress Effects

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  1. Empress are definitely on my good-list. Their devices are well built, work well, sound great and their support is top notch.

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