Superbooth 21: Modulaire Maritime ENA, a unique quad envelope generator module

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For Superbooth 21, Modulaire Maritime is showing ENA, a new 8HP quad envelope generator with different types, looping option, inverted outputs

packs in its new ENA module a quad envelope generator with different types, looping options, inverted outputs… in just 8HP.

Located on the Côte d’Azur, Marseille is visited by many tourists every year. A place where you can go on vacation. Not only. A young module manufacturer company is also at home here, Modular Maritime.

Not represented by a physical booth in Berlin, however, they are showing a new module for Superbooth 21.

Superbooth 21 Modulaire Maritime ENA

Modulaire Maritime ENA

ENA is a new 8HP quad envelope generator Eurorack module. The name comes from the first organization that federated North African workers in France. However, the module is not another classic quad envelope. ENA features four different envelopes for different tasks. It has an AR (attack/release), two different & independent decay, and one full ADSR envelope making in total four.

The AR and ADSR envelopes are fast with less than 1ms attack/decay time thanks to logic chips (HEX Schmitt-Trigger Inverters). Thus they suits perfectly for basslines, fast gated sounds, percussive elements in the fast mode. In the slow mode, it also suits for synth leads, drones, ambient sounds, and more. Two decays have different decaying times settings: short or long via the dedicated switch and the second one is set for even shorter decays.

Then, you have looping options. The latter of the AR envelope can act as a subtle LFO, making light modulations possible. Both have also inverted outputs for inerted modulation or in combination with compressors for ducking effects.

All four envelopes are “normaled” one to another so if only one “input” is used all four will fire until another input is used who will break the “normalization” and so on. There is also an option to trigger the envelope manually with the hit button.

At the time of writing, there were no video demos yet. But at first glance, I like this quad envelope generator (ENA) from Modulaire Maritime because it has a different feature set for a very fair price.
Modulaire Maritime ENA will be available in September for 145€.

More information here: Modulaire Maritime 

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