NANO Modules CEQ, new 4HP analog 3-band EQ and compressor module

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NANO Modules CEQ is a new analog 3-band EQ and compressor in just 4HP designed for finalizing your mixes right in your Eurorack system.

And let’s stay with compressors for a moment, the tools that make the sound beautiful. In addition to the two Erica Synths comps, NANO Modules also has a new compressor.

The new module is called CEQ and is more than just a compressor.

NANO Modules CEQ

NANO Modules CEQ

CEQ is an analog 3-band Equalizer and Compressor module in 4HP. Enhance your synth voices, get some punch and have fun playing with the DJ-style EQ. The module is perfect for your final live mix, or you can even use several on individual synth voices.

The design is simple: you have a stereo input and output on left/right inputs. The EQ is a Sallen Key filter-based EQ consisting of high, mid, and low-frequency controls. According to the NANO Modules datasheet, it has a max boost of +6dB, a max attenuation of -∞dB, and a resonance factor of 0.5.

Then, you have the compressor knob that boosts the signal and balances its dynamics—this range from no compression to heavy and untamed distortion. There is also a level indicator with a LED. Too bad there is no side-chain option here. And thanks to a switch on the back of the module, you can adjust the compression speed between FAST and SLOW depending on your needs.

CEQ Compressor can be used to subtly tune the dynamics of your voice, saturate or distort it heavily, and everything in between. Want to sound a little fatter? This one is for you.

Nano Modules CEQ

It’s nice that NANO Modules also offers the CEQ as a free VCV rack module where you can test it.

First Impression

At first glance a nice slim module. Too bad it doesn’t feature a side-chain function. Well, instead, you get a built-in 3-band EQ. That’s also an excellent sound finalizer.

NANO Modules CEQ is available now for 110€.

More information here: NANO Modules

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