FKFX KrishnaSynth Legacy, frame analysis Synthesizer is back as a full and free plugin

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FKFX revives the KrishnaSynth as a legacy version, as a full and free Synthesizer plugin with Apple Silicon support, and more. 

Plugins come and go. When plugins are older, it often happens that developers stop supporting them. We’ve lost a lot of exciting synthesizers, and effects… that way. But some make a comeback. This is what happened with Devine Machine’s Synthesizer from 2007.

FKFX, known for their plugins Obvious Filter and Influx, have resurrected the KrishnaSynth from the dead.

FKFX KrishnaSynth Legacy

FKFX KrishnaSynth Legacy Free Vs Full

Welcome back KrishnaSynth. The plugin is now called KrishnaSynth Legacy and is based on the same code as the original 32-bit version from 2007. It comes with the same sound, and all its thousand presets.

There are two versions: One that has all the features of the original and one that is 100% free. The latter is, however, not a stripped-down version. It’s a powerful free Synthesizer plugin with fewer in-depth features. The free only contains 88 presets (vs. 1230 presets and 2132 movie files), no audio to oscillator import, and no preset randomizer. Everything else is identical in the two versions.

FKFX KrishnaSynth Legacy Features

The GUI looks a bit dated but is usable on new monitors don’t worry. The core of the synth consists of three oscillators. The first oscillator uses the frame oscillator synthesis system allowing you to transform audio data in waveforms or alternatively to draw your own waves. There are also various frame effects for further waveshaping.

The import functionality is only available in the full version. Similar to wavetable Synthesis in many ways in how it works. The other two oscillators offer traditional analog-style oscillators with 5 shapes: saw, sine, square, triangle, triangle, and noise. You can mangle and add harmonic content to the oscillator shapes via FM, RM, and AM synthesis.

Then, you have a multimode filter (lowpass, bandpass, highpass) for additional shaping. At the end of the audio signal chain is a multi-effects processor hosting a tube emulation, reverb and multimode phaser, flanger, chorus, and delay. Clever, you can save the parameters settings in presets right in the effects menu.


Modulation side, KrishnaSynth Legacy also offers an impressive set of features. They are also all available in the free plugin version. There are 6 drawable LFOs which can be classic low-frequency oscillators or act like a step sequencer. Besides the drawing option, you can choose between 11 traditional shapes or more wild ones like noise, log, ellipse, or chaos.

Further, it has three AHDSR envelopes with various response modes and feedback options. All this is programmable via the modulation matrix with 108 internal mod destinations. And there is also a small but fine 16-step sequencer onboard.

Glad to see such an old synth making a comeback. The sound is special and not super bread-and-butter. It’s worth trying the free version.

FKFX KrishnaSynth Legacy is available now in a full version for $49 USD and in a free version with fewer features. It runs as a VST3 and AU plugin on macOS (Intel + Apple Silicon) and Windows.

More information here: FKFX 

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