FKFX Obvious Filter, Free Morphing Sequencing Filter Plugin For MacOS & Windows

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FKFX Obvious Filter is a new free morphing sequencing filter plugin with advanced shaping functionalities for macOS and Windows 

Free plugins in 2020/2021, where do I start? In the last few months, we have been spoiled with great free plugins like never before. And it doesn’t stop, because there is yet another new free plug-in today which is very exciting.

FKFX is a new team of developers who have been in the industry for 20 years and have developed products for Ohmforce, FXPansion, or Devine Machine. With their new company, they are going a slightly different way. They offer their products exclusively on Patreon. The first plugin is called Obvious Filter and is also available for everyone who is not a Patreon supporter.

FKFX Obvious Filter

FKFX Obvious Filter

Obvious Filter is not a classic filter plugin but one that transforms its own audio signal in rhythmic sequences. Sounds interesting. The plugin features 10 analog-modeling filters by Laurent De Soras including LP4, LP2, BP4, BP2, HP4, HP2, N4, N2, N2X, peak, and envelope. Thus, you have the choice of many different filter types, from classic to more special ones.

The eye-catcher of the Obvious Filter is certainly the morph sequencer in the middle. The morph knob morph through different shapes which gives you new modulation shapes in seconds. With the morph editor, you can precisely draw the shapes of the filter modulation i.e. the rhythmic elements that the plugin generates. The rate/tempo of the mod can be set with the rate knob with advanced options such as polyrhythmical rates.

In the associated modulation matrix, you can dive even deeper into the world of filter movement. Here you find 33 unique targets as well as 39 modulation oscillators. For this, the developers took inspiration from legendary synthesizers such as the Prophet 5. There are also three morphing modes: immediate, morph, and linear which opens up the space for simple but also complex mod curves.

With the four built-in randomizers (Re-order, Curve, Sequence, and everything) you can generate new sequences with a simple click on the mouse. Inspiration at your fingertips as I would call it. The plugin also ships with 128 presets that gives you a nice overview of what the plugin is capable of. For a free tool, it can do a lot. The interface definitely doesn’t skimp on gloss. It flashes in many places, so don’t let the sea of sparkles distract you.

Obvious Filter is an exciting free plugin. Yes, there are many filter modulation plugins available for free (TAL-Filter-2 …). This, however, sets the bar even higher. It’s even more versatile and interesting and definitely, a must download.

FKFX Obvious Filter is available now as a free download and runs as VST3 and AU plugin on macOS & Windows 10. You can find the link on the Patreon page that is also accessible without a subscription. If you enjoy the plugin, don’t forget to support the developers.

More information here: FKFX

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