MP MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+, new version gets a display upgrade and more

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MP MIDI has updated its MP Controller Model 1A+ MIDI controller with a new brighter, glossy touch display and more. 

Today, you can access thousands of plugins, synthesizers, delays, reverbs, and more with a few clicks in your DAW.  Their feature list often exceeds that of their hardware counterparts. While that’s often the case, musicians still prefer working with hardware.

This is mainly due to the operation. For many musicians, the mouse and keyboard are more of a turnoff than a source of inspiration. But there are MIDI controllers with which you can give your favorite software the haptics of a hardware device.  Some time ago, the developer MP MIDI published a MIDI controller consisting of a large touch display and many mappable encoders, promising to take the plugin control to the next level.

MP MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+

New In MP MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+

Two years after the initial release, MP MIDI is now shipping an upgrade of its MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+. The design and feature set remains unchanged in the new version. However, there are some improvements.

According to the developers, it features a touch display with twice the brightness (from 250 nits to 500 nits), and a glossy display finish instead of the matte display of model 1A. It produces more vivid colors than its predecessors, says the devs. Then, it also hosts a new IR remote control for the display settings, while the model 1A has buttons.

I don’t think the decision from matte to glossy is that good. Glossy displays can be problematic, especially in bright surroundings.

MP MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+

The aim of the controller is to replicate the experience we have when working with hardware, but keeping all the advantages of the software world.

What is the MP MIDI MP Controller?

The system can control up to 128 parameters per plugin (4 pages of 32 encoders), and the touchscreen has no limitation in the amount of parameters it can control. Between Windows and macOS systems, there are slight differences.

On Windows, the touchscreen works natively as a ten-point multi-touch screen and on the Mac as a single-touch device. You can install on both systems UPDD giving your additional touch-related features like the smart magnifier.

The controller ships with more than 1000 pre-linked popular plugins such as UAD, Plugin Alliance, Waves, Fabfilter, U-He, Arturia, Softube, Roland, Acustica, Analog Obsession, Slate Digital, and many more.

The MP Controller requires no special configuration in the DAW, except disabling the MP Controller MIDI IN/OUT. The controller works in harmony with a Multihost plugin (VST3, AU, and AAX) which allows hosting and controlling up to 12 audio effects or instruments per instance, allowing perfect synchronization and control. One never has to worry whether the controller is synced to the selected plugin.

MP MIDI MP Controller Model 1A+ is certainly an exciting product. One that I would like to test. I like working with plugins and would be interested to know if it improves the workflow or if it’s one of those devices you use a bit and then gather dust in the corner.

MP Midi MP Controller Model 1A+ is available for purchase for 780, incl. worldwide express shipping.

More information here: MP Midi 

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