FKFX Influx, free sequenced resonator distortion plugin for macOS & Windows

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FKFX Influx merges a sequenced resonator, a lowpass filter and multi-algorithm tube distortion in a new versatile free plugin for macOS and Windows. 

The KVR Developer Challenge 2021 started recently. An event on the KVR Audio forum where developers are asked to develop a free plugin. Every year there are exciting free plugin, some of which stand out a lot. For example Björn aka Full Bucket Music released two new plugins, WhispAir a wavetable synth and Grain Strain a grain looper.

Also the newcomers from FKFX are participants of this year’s KVR Developer Challenge. They recently gave us the crazy Obvious Filter. This time there is also something very flexible and special.

FXFK Influx

FKFX Influx

Influx aka “sonic retox engine” is a plugin that uses a resonator module that goes thru a lowpass filter and a tube distortion. It’s definitely not a classic effect processor and this makes it very exciting. Starting with the highlight the resonator. It offers dedicated advanced note and dry/wet editors where you can create entire note note sequences and modulation curves. These are packed with features that give you full control over the individual steps. Amazing. From subtle with low impact up to crazy movements, everything possible here.

There is also a scale snap for automatic scale modes, a stereo pitch shifter and a chaos functionality that re-fuel in real-time the resonator with an audio input. A perfect tool if you like more crazy results. The flux section also hosts an LFO with polyrhythmic rates that controls the lowpass filter, the second element of this plugin. You can control it manually with the low cut filter parameters or with the Flux resonator LFO.

From the filter it goes into a tube distortion with 16 different waveshapers and a gain parameters that sets the post distortion gain. The graphical representation of the left reminds a bit of the Gamechanger Audio Plasma pedal. It also produces similar flashes.

The plugin ships with 82 factory presets. You can download 128 extra presets for free from the Heat Audio facebook page, so you have in total 210 presets right away to check out. Like Obvious Filter, Influx also has a very high quality, glossy GUI that can be used well on 4K screens.

First Impression

Influx is a nice but also unusual plugin. It is a sound generator and effects processor in one. For all experimental sound designers, a must-have, and yes for everyone else too.

FKFX Influx is available for free as part of this year’s KVR Audio Developer Challenge (2021). The plugin runs as a VST3 & AU plugin on macOS and Windows. Besides the challenge, please support the developers on Patreon if you enjoy the play.

More information here: KVR Audio Developer Challenge

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