Carbon Electra Synthesizer, Free With Every Purchase At Plugin Boutique

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For a limited time, you get Carbon Electra, a virtual analog Synthesizer for PC & Mac for free with every purchase at Plugin Boutique

There are commercial plugins for which you don’t have to pay anything. This is not a request to download cracks with which you catch easily malware. No but Plugin Boutique offers every month one or more plugins as a bonus with every purchase you made in the shop.

This month, they give away for free the in-house developed Carbon Electra Synthesizer. CE is a 4-oscillator VA synth with a big feature and a modern sound. Back in 2018, I made a review of Carbon Electra on the website and on YouTube.  In the meantime, the plugin has got more features and has been improved.

Carbon electra free

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra

Carbon Electra is a subtractive synth with four sync-able oscillators with adjustable pulse width (PWM), frequency modulation (FM), unison, and multiple wave types. A highlight is the filter section that features, among others, an excellent format filter. Here, you can go easily beyond classic virtual analog timbres.  It also has built-in distortion and a functionality with which you can run the amp “too hot” perfect for more aggressive, dirty sounds.

For more experimental sounds, it also includes a step follower. A perfect feature for super flexible modulations. CE may not be a huge synthesizer like Omnisphere 2, Falcon 2 … but a solid VA synth with some nice features.


  • Powerful synth engine that is easy to learn and use with no hidden menus
  • 4 Analog style sync-able oscillators with adjustable pulse width, frequency modulation, oscillator unison and multiple wave types including pitch-able noise
  • Ability to run the amp section “too hot” into the built-in optional limiter at the main output, creating a modern hyper-compressed sound
  • Super flexible unison control ranging from subtle warmth to massive super saw or super square sound
  • Multiple stereo width parameters allowing high precision control of the stereo field
  • Ability to faithfully recreate classic analog sequences and acid lines with a modern twist by using note sequencer, editable nodes and unique filter modes
  • Create aggressive tones with the all-new distortion modes and oscillator unison

Plugin Boutique Carbon Electra is available as a free download with every purchase until January 31, 2021. The license will be NFR (not for resell) and each customer is eligible to claim 1x copy of the plugin. It runs on PC (Windows) and Mac computers in VST and AU plugin formats.

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