ALM Busy Circuits ALM-CS, new 6U and 9U portable powered Eurorack cases

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ALM Busy Circuits has expanded its DIY ALM-CS product range with new 6U and 9U portable powered Eurorack cases.

Back in February, I reported on new portable powered cases from the British company ALM Busy Circuits. One of the unique features is these aluminium lightweight cases is their DIY factor. You need to assemble them yourself but they do not require any soldering skills.

These seem to be selling well because ALM has now expanded the range to include 6U and 9U cases. You can’t have enough module space.

ALM Busy Circuits ALM CS


The new ALM CS 6U and 9U cases share the same main characteristics as the small 3U series. These are self-assembled aluminium lightweight cases with an integrated power supply that offers at least 1Amp per -/+ 12V rail per row with quoted 100mV ripple noise at max load. That’s solid, however, there is no 5V rail. They also offer overload and short-circuit protection.

According to ALM Busy Circuits, the cases come with M3 threaded mounting strips and you can install modules with up to 42mm depth. Yes, no sliding nuts. They also ships with a 12v external DC/DC power brick. But there are differences to the small cases.

6U 52HP/84HP And 9U 84HP

There are two new 6U cases, a smaller and a bigger one. Starting with the smaller 52HP case (277x264x66 mm) that has space for up to 9 modules on the busboard providing up to 1 Amp power on each -12V & +12V rails.

Alternatively, you can use a flying bus board giving you space for additional 6 modules. The case includes a 2 Amp power brick. I find the case very cute and could be very suitable for a neat travel case.

Then, the 6U 84HP case (440x264x66 mm) gives you space for up to 32 modules on the busboard and ships with a 2 Amp power brick. And if you need a lot of space, there is also a new 9U 84HP case that hosts up to 32 modules. It has a built-in power supply providing up to 2.5 Amp power on each -12V & +12V rails. It includes a 5 Amp power brick.

ALM CS Decksaver

Further, so that everything is protected from dust, ALM has also developed deck savers for its new Eurorack cases.

Glad to see that the DIY cases are now also available in bigger sizes.

ALM Busy Circuits ALM-CS cases are available now: 52HP costs $299 USD/338€, and 84HP $399 USD/458€. The 9U version is TBA.

More information here: ALM Busy Circuits 

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