Blukač Endless Processor, this module resynthesizes your sounds to infinity

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Blukač Endless Processor is a new dual-channel Eurorack module allowing you to resynthesize your audio into endless layered textures.

With a modular Synthesizer you can make a variety of different sounds. Techno in your face, bass and drum, melodic ambient, random bleep blops, or long drone and textures. Everything is possible. No matter what sounds you make, patching is always the foundation. Even with the simplest drones.

Blukač, a new developer from Ukraine has released a new module that simplifies the drone creation workflow.

Blukač Endless Processor

Blukač Endless Processor

Endless Processor is a new dual-channel Eurorack module that allows you to make your sounds last forever. Blukač describes it as an infinite sound sustainer machine that does not work like a looper in the usual sense.

The core consists of a resynthesis process that creates a perfect clickless stream of your sounds while preserving the timbral and tonal character of the original content. It harmonizes well Eurorack signals, instruments, unique timbres, or even field recording. Everything you put in will be turned into endless textures.

According to the developer, the engine always listens to the audio input and keeps the most recent history. And this process can also be expressively controlled so that you can influence how long it lasts. You can sustain little bits of a sample or make an impressive wall of sounds. Plus, you can set how much memorized audio will be processed.

And you can not only memorize one sound, but you go up to 5 per channel. That’s nice. Each layer can be pre-processed or cleared while keeping other ones in place. Further,  there an option for fade-ins and fade-outs times giving you option to add smoothly new layers or remove existing ones.

It also has a built-in VCA and manual controls plus CV inputs for adjusting the volume for each channel.

This looks like a very useful module to me if you want to design drones or textures on the fly. Without having the depth of many samplers or loopers. Everything here is very hands-on and direct without long menu diving.

Blukač Endless Processor is available soon for 250€.

More information here: Blukač

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