Waldorf Kyra SE Seablue, virtual analog synth with new limited edition clothes

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Waldorf has released the Kyra SE, a new limited edition of its virtual analog flagship Synthesizer with seablue clothes. 

Giving synths a makeover is a popular way for developers to bring older products back into focus. See the new Korg minilogue Bass release which is a classic minilogue with a new fancy interface and black/red keys.

Waldorf is now doing something like that with his Kyra virtual analog synth. This is now available in new blue clothes.

Waldorf Kyra SE Seablue

Waldorf Kyra SE Seablue

The Kyra SE Seablue has the identical of the original Waldorf Krya synthesizer. The main difference is that it comes with new limited edition clothes in seablue. This one looks signficantly better than the white version to me. To save you the same sentences of the Kyra article, here are the key features:

  • FPGA-based virtual analog multi-timbral synth engine with 128 voices with 8 parts
  • oscillators per voice: two wave oscs with 4096 waveforms, two pulse osc, two saw osc, two noise osc, hypersaw mode, oscillator FM and ring mod…
  • two filters per voice, 12/24db/octave with LP/BP/HP, true stereo signal path
  • 9 simulatenously available effects (3 band EQ, formant filter, distortion, delay…)
  • modulation: 3 envelope generators, 3 LFOs with 128 shapes, 6-slot mod matrix…
  • arpeggiator
  • USB 2.0 for MIDI and audio.
  • Kyra can stream its 8 parts individually to your computer via USB in stereo at 24bit/96KHz (48KHz option).
  • 5-pin DIN MIDI In/Out/Thru.
  • 4 stereo, balanced, analog audio outputs plus stereo headphone output.

Waldorf Kyra SE Seablue

New Clothes But No Updates

Interesting release from Waldorf. However, I find it strange that they can find resource to give the Kyra a new color but not deliver firmware updates. You can see that from the many posts in the official Waldorf forum, where many users ask the developers for firmware updates. Mainly to fix bugs that haven existed for 1 year.

I would have rather seen a major firmware update than this new version to be honest. But let’s see, maybe they want to finance the update with the version, or it is the last version to retire the device, who knows.

Waldorf Kyra SE Seablue is available for 1799€ and limited to 200 units.

More information here: Waldorf 

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  1. What a idiots, they refrain themselves from many requests on at least one update to make the Kyra more useful, and now they dare to bring out a “new” model with the same flaws. Shame on you Waldorf, so typical and so bad for your brand

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