Erica Synths Discontinues DIY Series Eurorack Modules & Save 15% OFF

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Erica Synths has today announced the discontinuation of its traditional DIY series Eurorack modules in favor of creating educational kits

If you looking for cheap but great sounding DIY modules, you can now make a good deal on these modules. The Latvian company is offering a 15% OFF discount on its entire remaining line of DIY stock. Those who prefer to save money and want to solder the modules themselves at home or among friends should take a closer look at this offer.

It starts at 10 € for a PCB and 5 € for a panel but you need to add the VAT that is different for each country. Available in the DIY version is the Bassline, Delay, BBD Delay/Flanger, Polivoks VCO or VCF, MIDI to CV generator, modulator, mixer & more. Also, complete bundles are available where you only need a case with a power supply.

Erica Synths DIY

New Educational Kits Are Coming Soon

The new educational kits offered by Erica Synths will be both affordable and easy to use, and will include extensive manuals on how to build and operate each product.  The kits — which will be perfect for both classroom and independent use — will also include recommended modifications and experiments for each design to encourage electronic exploration and sonic discovery. 

“We want to provide exciting teaching aids for electronics classes and for people who want to get deeper into electronics,” commented Girts Ozoliņš of Erica Synths. “The new kits will be Eurorack compatible, but there will be some inherent design compromises in order to make them understandable for beginners in electronics.”

Education and innovation

Erica Synths’ new Pico System III is another recent example of the company’s emphasis on education, with its ‘back to basics’  product design and ease of use. Voice-cards with preset patches set the unit apart from other Eurorack systems, enabling users to change patches instantly and radically, making Pico System III well suited for educational as well as experimental live performances. The system comes with “factory preset” voice-cards, as well as five DIY voice-cards so users can develop their own patches.

Currently, the entire remaining inventory of Erica Synth’s DIY modules will be on sale until while supplies last. The company is no longer be manufacturing future runs of current DIY module designs, and will be discontinuing its customer support on its DIY designs during 2020.

To explore the remaining inventory of discontinued Erica Synths DIY kits, check out their official website.

More information here: Erica Synths

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