Virsyn Teraverse, new Tera Pro powered morphing Synthesizer for iOS and macOS

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Virsyn Teraverse is a new morphing Synthesizer app for iOS and macOS powered by the mighty Tera Pro modular synth engine.

Tera Pro is one of the most powerful synthesizers for iOS. With its cable-free modular engine you can discover a variety of different synthesis types. From VA, FM, additive, to waveshaping à la west coast, everything is included.

A lot of sound design options that you have with Tera Pro. However, if that is too much for you and you only want a few parameters, there is now a player app. With Teraverse, Harry Grohs aka Virsyn takes you into the Tera”verse” of the Pro version without the abundance of available parameters.

Virsyn Teraverse

Virsyn Teraverse

Teraverse is a new  Synthesizer app that gives you the rich 128-voice Tera Pro engine but with a reduced parameter set. In the app you have access to all 1800+ factory presets. These can be played like in a classic player app, but can also be further manipulated. This is one of the highlights of this app. It’s not only a simple “romper” but a standalone morphing synth.

The engine consists of two layers on each of which you can load a Tera Pro sound and manipulate it with dedicated parameters. If two sounds are loaded at the same time, you can morph between parameter values of both patche just by swiping your finger across the screen. So you can generate new sounds from two presets. Dots in color in the Cosmos UI represent the parameters.

It’s even wilder if you press the dice button. Here you generate random sounds using the Tera Pro engine. It also comes with MPE, as well as AUv3 support. The latter allows you to use the app in multiple instances. Furthermore, it supports IAA, Ableton Link and Bluetooth MIDI.

A nice idea that Virsyn had here. Especially that it’s not just a simple player version, but an independent Synthesizer with other possibilities

Virsyn Teraverse is available now for an introductory price of $3,99 USD. It runs as a standalone and AUv3 plugin on iOS and macOS (Apple Silicon).

More information here: Virsyn 

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