UDO Super 6 firmware V0.52 adds MPE, delay freeze, binaural PWM, and more

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UDO Audio has published firmware V0.52 for the Super 6 hybrid Synthesizer featuring MPE support, delay freeze, binaural PWM, and more.

The Super 6 is a hybrid Synthesizer consisting of high-resolution FPGA-based oscillators and analog filters, VCA, and more. Since the official release, there have been many firmware updates with numerous new features.

At this year’s Superbooth, George Hearn, the chief developer, presented the new firmware update V0.52 with major new features. The new firmware is now available for download.

UDO Super 6 V0.52

UDO Super 6 Firmware V0.52

Firmware V0.52 is a major update with some exciting new additions. It’s still not 1.0, but a big step in that direction. The new update focuses on a more immediate and responsive playing experience through superior control response.

It adds full MPE support as well as polyphony aftertouch. The keybed is not poly AT capable, but with a keyboard like the Hydrasynth, ROLI Seaboard, you can now explore the Super 6 engine with polyphonic aftertouch. Then, the developers added binaural PWM, i.e. pulse width modulation that moves in space. Sounds very exciting.

There is also a new delay freeze functionality to explore in the effects section allowing to create of very spacey, ambient echoes. Then, the LFO 2 is now available in polyphonic, which is a nice upgrade. Plus, the devs promise a wealth of new convenience functions and fixes.

They published a video of Hazel Mills using the new MPE and Delay Freeze feature.  The short video shows how the poly AT takes the engine to a new level. Significantly more expressive, deeper, and more varied. I love it.

UDO Audio Super 6 firmware V0.52 is available this Friday as a free download.

More information here: UDO Audio

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