Moog Werkstatt-01, Reintroduction Of The $199 Analog Synth Kit

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Moog has reintroduced its compact & patchable analog Synthesizer kit Werkstatt-01 as a limited edition and now ships with the CV expander as a modular bonus.

The “synthtober” continues with a next Moog release. After the Claravox Centenniel last week, Moog Music is re-introducing the beloved Werkstatt-01 Synthesizer DIY kit. Initially introduced at the 2014 MoogFest as the VIP engineers workshop projects, it quickly became a commercial product and best-seller. Now it’s back in a limited edition. If you are interested you should get one soon.

Seen in this way, the Moog Werkstatt-01 is an absolutely basic synthesizer. However, the way you deal with the device is not only musically but also on an educational level. This starts as soon as the packaging is opened. The Werkstatt-01 is a DIY kit but one that anyone can assemble. This easy to assemble kit requires no prior electronics experience and perfect as an afternoon synth activity.

Moog Werkstatt-01

Moog Werkstatt-01

The Moog Werkstatt-01 remains affordable and is still the gateway to the most authentic Moog analog sound today. It includes a single oscillator with a switchable saw/pulse waveforms and PWM (pulse width modulation).  A 24dB analog ladder filter gives the device its unique Moog character. Triangle/square LFO, an ADSR envelope, and VCA round up the Moog Werkstatt engine. Ok, it is not round, rather rectangular. It also features the tiny patch-bay on the right side with which you can break the internal signal routing and create your own.

Once the signal is broken, the wildest sounds can be extracted from the Werkstatt-01. Similar to the Korg Monotrons, there is also a large community here that mods the devices.

The circuit board is in a small case that also has a tiny keyboard that fits perfectly with the W-01 shape.

Moog Werkstatt-01

Included CV Expander

Nothing has changed in the analog design but the Werkstatt-01 now ships with the Eurorack compatible CV Expander. This allows the synth to communicate with any hardware or Eurorack system. And of course, it opens up new modular possibilities. According to Moog, they have added a gate input where yo can now attack a keyboard like the Arturia Keystep. The initial version only featured a gate output but that could also be used for keyboard input.

Moog Werkstatt-01 will be available in mid-November for $199/£199 while stocks last. Great to see it back.

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