Torso Electronics T-1 firmware update v1.2 adds MIDI CC tracks and more

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Torso Electronics has released a free firmware v1.2 update for its innovative algorithmic sequencer adding new MIDI CC tracks, and more.

The TS-1 from the young Copenhagen-based company Torso Electronics is an algorithmic sequencer that has many innovative features especially with a big focus on advanced generative composing.

Today, the developers published a free major firmware 1.2 update for its sequencer adding many new features that opens up new sequencing possibilities.

Torso Electronics T-1 Firmware v1.2

Torso Electronics T-1 Firmware Update v1.2

The new firmware update v1.2 includes many new interesting additions. The T-1 now features MIDI CC tracks that enables sending MIDI control changes messages. So you can not only send note messages to your synths but also create modulations. .All CC knobs can be modulated with a pseudo-random sequence, which makes the T-1 great for quickly adding timbral effects to your sequences say the developers.

Then, it introduces a new tail mode for non-clocking repeats. The latter range from 0-48 + infinite, giving you a more detailed control of the number of repeats. This new addition allows for making arpeggiating patterns that flow and intertwine on top of one another.

Torso Electronics also added functionalities to the voicing architecture. It now comes with a new ramp voicing style that adds notes to the chord in a sequence similar to the up/mode of classic arpeggiators. Plus the direction of all styles can now be modified with up/down modifiers. They also added support for 1.2v/oct making the T-1 algorithmic sequencer compatible with west-coast Buchla synthesizers.

Further, the new update introduces sync improvements offering a more stable MIDI clock sync in and analog sync in. There is a new clock latency setting available in the configuration menu that allows you to offset notes from both incoming and outgoing synchronization. And another great improvement, the T-1 now synchronizes external Link devices with external clocks received from MIDI or analog.

Plus, the developers improved the CV outputs, and fixed many bug fixes. Nice to see that the developers have expanded the sequencer again.

The new Torso Electronics T-1 firmware update v1.2 is available now as a free download. T-1 is out now for 649€ and you can pre-order one from the batch.

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