Feedback Modules Punk, dual distortion with EQ for sonic destructions

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Feedback Modules Punk melts two distortion circuits and a two-band Baxandall EQ in a 6HP multipurpose module for sound destructions.

The Romanian developer Feedback Modules is known for affordable, rock solid designed modules for little money. The developer has a lot of popularity, especially in the DIY scene with its PCBs and kits.

His latest module is a flexible multipurpose distortion module.

Feedback Modules Punk

Feedback Modules Punk

Punk is a new distortion module (6HP) that allows you to craft your own distortion timbre by blending two different types of distortion into direct clean sound.

The first circuit is a FET preamp with variable gain and level control. It uses a classic circuit on a mini portable cassette recorder & mixer combo from the eighties. The second offers switchable diode or MOSFET distortion with variable gain and level control. It is based on a classic guitar pedal distortion/fuzz.

Then, the signal of the two distortion circuits flows in a two-band Baxandall equalizer (EQ) that gives you additional shaping option of the distorted sound using the lo and high cut filtering pots. And for the right balance, you can finally blend the mangled with the clean sound. Feedback Modules says that Punk is the result of almost a year of brainstorming to make this multipurpose sound destruction tool.

Connection side, you have a mono input and output socket. There are no CV inputs. According to the developer, it sounds great on drums, bass synth or even acoustic sources.

A nice,  very simple effect module from Feedback Modules. If you are looking for a distortion module for little money with a good amount of sound shaping fun, you should take a look at Punk.

Feedback Modules Punk is available now for 85€ (excl. VAT) or 101,15€ (incl. VAT) as an assembled module. A DIY version is coming later. It’s an SMD circuit board and to make it easier, they uses through hole parts where they considered it matters for the

More information here: Feedback Modules

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