BOSS RE-2 and RE-202, two new modern Space Echo pedals

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BOSS RE-2 and RE-202 are two new modern stereo delay/echo pedals that recreate the sound and character of the legendary Roland Space Echo. 

Is the Space Echo trend breaking out again? Only recently the Chinese pedal manufacturer NUX announced an effect pedal emulating the legendary sound of the Roland Space Echo. A release is planned for the summer. If you can’t wait for that, there will soon be something from the original manufacturer BOSS aka Roland

BOSS has today announced two new modern Space Echo pedals, the RE-2 and RE-202, of course without analog tape.

BOSS RE-2 RE-202

There’s not just one new Space Echo pedal, there’s two out of the box. A smaller and a larger one with more features. Starting with the smaller RE-2.

BOSS RE-2 Space Echo

The RE-2 is a new stereo effect that emulates the characteristics of the legendary Space Echo. It comes  in the classic, compact BOSS effect pedal shape with dual mono inputs and dual mono outputs making stereo operating possible. On the interface, it has four physical stacked knobs that gives you access to a total of 7 different controls. Including echo/reverb, intensity/tone, repeat rate/wow & flutter, and the mode. You can choose from 11 different algorithm types.

Not much needs to be said about the effect processor. It’s a Space Echo that we all love, whether guitarist or a synth player.


Then, you have  a CTL/EXP connection and the footswitch which hosts an additional “set speed” feature besides classic on/off. There is also a buffered bypass and a battery compartment making the pedal also operable without a power supply.

The RE-2 focuses on the essentials of what made the original so popular. All hands-on and without presets.

BOSS RE-202 Space Echo

The big brother of the RE-2 is called the RE-202 and comes in a different design. Away from the classic BOSS shape and towards a wider one. Those who choose this version get significantly more features.

BOSS RE-202 offers 12 reverb/delay modes/algorithms and three footswitches, each with a secondary function: on/off and warp, memory and reverb, tap and twist. Presets that are missing in the RE-2 can be found here. It comes with 127 memory spaces that are managed via the MIDI In/Out ports on the back. Plus, you get a USB connection.

Boss RE-202

Also the user interface gives you more hands-on playability. You can find 8 controls including bass, treble, reverb vol, repeat rate, intensity, echo vol, and saturation and wow & flutter on the left side. There is also a mode selector in the middle with which you can change head settings as well.

Further, BOSS says that they are using a new own technology that runs at 48 kHz and 24 bits with adaptive focus that increases the signal-noise ratio. The D/A conversion is at 32-bit and the signal processing at 32 bit FP.

Two exciting new Space Echo pedals from BOSS aka Roland. I’m excited to hear these with Synthesizer signals. One thing is for sure: they are significantly feature-rich and more interesting than the last emulations

Boss RE-2 Space Echo will cost 249€ and RE-202 399€. Both pedals will be in available in 2-3 weeks.

More information here: Boss

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