Make Noise Intros 0-CTRL, Patchable Desktop Sequencer With Touch Pads For Expressive Play

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Make Noise 0-CTRL is a west-coast inspired patchable desktop controller and step sequencer equipped with touchpoints that bring expressive sequencing into modular systems 

The 0-CTRL has a lot of a Buchla standalone sequencer though but is not a clone or so. The design, in particular, is typical Make Noise and is designed to be the partner in crime of the 0-Coast desktop Synthesizer. It’s an un-quantized, yes, analog step sequencer that inputs and outputs Eurorack-compatible CV/gate signals. 0-CTRL is not a huge sequencer with 4 tracks à la Keystep Pro. No, it only has one track but offers different levels of manipulation. Basically, there are three channels (pitch, strength, time) and each of them can be sequenced per step.

Further, you have 8 pressure pads that output pressure depth CV. For example, you can route this to the FM parameter of your 0-Coast Synthesizer and play with it even in a running sequence. Simple sequences can then be kind of humanized, since you as a user can interact with it nicely. Ratcheting-like effects are also possible so. Plus, each of the steps has a gate output that allows you to bring another level of expressiveness to the table. You can so trigger unique events per step like open the VCA on the second step.r

Make Noise 0-CTRL

Voltage control over the stop and direction or dynamic resets makes you forget that there are only 8 steps that can be programmed live. With this, 32 steps or more can quickly be achieved including many variations. This is mainly about playing live, less for complex programming is complex. One reason why the sequencer has no menu. Don’t forget, in addition to the sequences, the 0-CTRL can also be used as a touch controller for synthesizers with CV/Gate. Thanks to the 8 touch pads, you can play it a bit like an Animoog synth (iPad).

Anyone who has ever looked for a Buchla-like desktop sequencer for modular synths, can’t get past this


  • Fully analog and patch programmable, no menus or modes, what you patch is what you get!
  • Sequence and Control the Pitch, Strength, and Time of your synthesizer voice, per step
  • Voltage control over Stop and Direction
  • Dynamic Reset, select Reset Step while sequencing
  • Pressure and Touch Gate outputs for human-generated events and expression
  • Dynamic Envelope and Gate outputs allow for voice loudness/ strength per note
  • Gate output per step for patch programming sequence behavior and triggering unique events per step
  • Synchronize the 0-CTRL via the Clock In, or clock other machines with the Clock and/ or Gate Outs
  • Sequence your synthesizer and play it by hand simultaneously with Sequence Interrupt
  • Pairs well with the 0-Coast, Tape & Microsound Music Machine, or anything having CV Inputs

And of course, Loopop has a detailed tutorial on his channel.

Make Noise 0-CTRL is available in 2-3 weeks for $399 USD.

More information here: MM 

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