Sequentix Cirklon V2 Hardware Sequencer Announced: Faster CPU, Colour Display & More

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Sequentix Cirklon is one of the best hardware sequencers on the market. It’s not a secret and now wonder if you see the long queues before you get the device. You can wait a good year until you can call a device your own. Today, the developers surprised us with a big announcement.

Cirklon goes in the second round with v2 and with major upgrades for the hardware and more.

Sequentix Cirklon V2

In a short video teaser, the developer shows what’s new on the hardware compared to the Cirklon v1

  • 3x faster Cortex CPU
  • 480 x 128 full color TFT display
  • USB host/Ethernet connectivity

Also, they announced that an upgrade kit for original units will be available. Whether it will come to major changes and new features in the software is not yet known. Even if it is faster in the future to get a device, is not known. To remember:

Cirklon has up to 64 tracks, user-configurable as 1 to 4 banks of 16. There are 5 independent MIDI INs and OUTs to connect a large number of controllers and synths/sound modules while keeping MIDI latency to a minimum.

There is USB MIDI connectivity for DAW synchronization, soft-synth control or MIDI pass-thru from a PC, and a DIN Sync output which can also be configured to connect an upcoming multi-channel analog percussion trigger interface. The optional CVIO analog bus provides 16 hi-res CV outputs, and 8 configurable gate out/CV ins on a 25 pin connector, giving direct control of analog synths with optimum timing response and no further load on the MIDI ports.

More information here: Sequentix 

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