VCV Rack 2 out now, standalone for FREE and Pro with plugin support

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VCV Rack 2, the sequel to Andrew Belt’s super popular Eurorack Synthesizer emulation is out now in a free standalone and pro version with VST plugin support.

The most important news up front: VCV Rack 2 is out now. It took longer than expected, but the new version is packed with new functions that you cannot miss. The original VCV Rack is a huge success story. On the one hand because it allows you to enter the colorful world of Eurorack-style synth patching for free without spending hundreds of €/$.

On the other the large community made up of users and third-party developers has contributed massively to making it such a success. In VCV Rack 2 the journey continues in two versions with a major important difference.

VCV Rack 2

VCV Rack 2

VCV Rack 2 has major new things under the hood but also on the user interface. It comes with a new dark room mode that makes the interface less bright. Very helpful if you prefer to work simple without all the colorful cables and modules. Also the design of the UI got a major makeover. Everything looks much shaper and nicer.

The browser has also been completely overhauled and the ability to move modules and groups of modules is much smoother and easier. According to the developer, the real-time audio engine has been optimized as well.

Standalone (Free Version)

The good news: there is a free version again. It runs as a standalone app (macOS, win, linux) and benefits from all the improvements I mentioned before. This is also open-source and still offers support for third party modules. So everything is the same as before, but in an improved, more beautiful form. I can only say thank you Andrew Belt, a fantastic job and a huge gesture for the community.

You can also benefit from module updates. It adds an Audio-2 module with stereo input/output, a level knob, and VU meters to the set. Another cool addition is the MPE mode for the MIDI-CC and MIDI -gate modules.

VCV Rack 2 Pro + Plugin

In addition to the VCV R2 Standalone, an early  Christmas present for everyone, there is a Pro version. If the suffix Pro for Professional is added, then it becomes very important. Well, often it just marketing but in this case, it definitely worth reading on. The VCV R2 Pro comes with all the functionalities as the free standalone version.

BUT it also comes with plugin support. A feature that the community had to wait a long time for. It’s now available and it will probably be a must have for many. Currently only available as VST 2, you integrate VCV Rack in your DAW, save presets and use multiple instances.

You can either use it as a virtual instrument or effect processor right in your DAW. The latter sounds super tempting. You get up to 16 audio inputs and outputs and 16 MIDI channels. Parameter automation is also onboard with the option to control over up to 1024 knobs. It’s going to be a wild modular ride.

A huge release for the Synthesizer community. I find it very impressive that the standalone software is still free after so much work that Andrew Belt put into it. Big thanks and the pro version looks like a must have because the VST version opens so many doors in sound design.

Two versions are available: VCV Rack 2 is a free download and runs as a standalone, open-source app on macOS, Windows, and Linux. VCV Rack 2 Pro comes with plugin (VST2, more later) and professional support for an introductory price of $99 (reg $14) until 2022. There is a Rack 2 Pro + VCV Drums + VCV Sound Stage bundle for an intro price of $139 (reg $200) until 2022.

More information here: VCV

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  1. I kind of want to buy this, have been playing around with the free version for a few days now. But some late night googling last night leads me to believe the guy who makes this thing is a real a**hole to developers of his plugins (and possibly just in general), not sure I want to support it now.

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