Tangible Waves Brings Wavetables Into AE Modular System With The Help Of Dove Audio

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Tangible Waves has expanded the sound of the AE Modular System once again with a new “wavetables” oscillator created in collaboration with Dove Audio.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn modular synthesis. VCV Rack, NI Reaktor 6, and other plugins offer the modular synth workflow for little money. But if you prefer hardware, you will also find here numerous inexpensive ways to learn modular synths. For example, Tangible Waves from Germany has a modular Synthesizer “AE Modular” in its portfolio that is not based on the Eurorack standard. Instead, it uses very small cables and the modules are very affordable compared to the Eurorack ones.

Many modules are available for less than 50€ which is almost the price of a plugin. A matching case doesn’t cost much either. There are constantly new modules, often with ideas that come from the users themselves. Now, Tangible Waves teamed up with Paula Maddox of Dove Audio (ex. Modal Electronics) to create a new oscillator called wavetables.

Tangible Waves Wavetables


Wavetables is a high-quality oscillator that is based on the wavetable technology first heard on the PPG range of synthesizers from Wolfgang Palm. The module features seven different tables each with its own unique sound. These digital waveforms can be scanned, resulting in a morphing between a variety of interesting spectral structures using the wave knob. You can also modulate this wave morphing with an external CV signal.

With the detune/spread knob, you fatten the sound and add a second oscillator with a variable detune up to one octave to it. Pitch and wave modulation have an attenuator knob to set the amount of modulation, plus a switch to choose between unipolar (modulation CV is added to the current value) or bipolar (modulation swings above and below the current value). The table position of the currently played waveform has a visual representation by an LED that changes its color in the rainbow spectrum. That’s a nice idea for a representation.

The module features seven tables that include from gentle, through vocal sounds, into rich bell-like tones to harsh digital tones. This is the first of a series of modules that introduce a high level of digital synthesis to the AE modular palette. WAVETABLES works with a 32-bit microcontroller and 16-bit audio output. Therefore the price is higher than the average AE modules but still very affordable for the quality.


  • 7 different wavetables
  • Crossfading between individual waveforms in each table
  • Coarse and fine frequency control
  • Frequency modulation with CV control
  • Uni- and bipolar CV control of FM and wave sweeping
  • Detune/spread to fatten the sound by adding a second oscillator with detune up to one octave

AE Modular Introduction &  Interview With Tangible Waves

Tangible Waves Wavetables module is available now for 89€ (without VAT). With VAT (inside EU), the module cost 103,53€.

More information here: Tangible Waves

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